Black Ops II Xbox 360

i find this happening a lot where you spawn on one side of the map to be instantly shot by 2 enemies and then spawn right back on the other side where your team is what is the point of that? also shotguns and lmgs are much to powerfull and all the maps are exactly the same. people just post up in the middle and kill you from wherever you spawn from. you didnt need to change things their is a reason why cod4 modern warfare got game of the year and not 1 cod since then has

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The spwans suck donkey dick

There is no reward in trying to advance across the map they just spwn in the room you have just cleared or you get that moment where you have killed 3 in a row amd there are n enemys to be seen you venture across the map and dont see anyonefor a least a couple of mins then they spawn in ontop of you and shoot you from behind

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For me its the most frustrating problem there is. And the tryhards jump all over it.

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