Black Ops II Xbox 360

fame rate drop

has anyone else been experiencing drops in fame rate throughtout their games.

now this isn't lag, even if I'm host this happens and according to many of the player in the lobby with me they get it too.

ok this seems to happen when at any time there's more than 2 pieces of air support up, eg.. stealth chopper and lone star... if someone else calls a lightning strike or hellstorm, games fame rate seems to almost stop for spilt sec.

I know this use to happening all the time blops1 if more than napham trail was on the map at the same time(ie invisible flames) but this is one of the issues treyarch claimed they fixed but it's still happening.

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Re: fame rate drop

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Nope, I'm still as famous as ever.

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Re: fame rate drop

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its been doing it to me a lot in ground war, while when i get shot by the enemy who is apparently not experiencing any of it according to the killcam because hes perfectly on target even though the lag spike is happening.

i think some of it is people who are honestly cheating.

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