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Its fine semi auto?

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Ok, so lets nerf one of the few ARs that are competitive against the SMGs, Shotguns and quick scopes. How often are you shot by an AR vs a SMG with diamond camo? How often do you see an AR on the ground?  FAL was my first gold camo. Now its crap.

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Agreed. 3arc already adjusted the recoil on the FAL with a previous patch.  Why again?  It's not a weapon that every player uses because its OP.

I just dont understand the level of recoil in ALL of BO2 Assault Rifles.  In MW3, the ARs didnt have a ton of recoil that I never used a Recoil perk with those guns!

The hip fire accuracy with the FAL is now completely useless.  In several killcams, I'm just spraying bullets in a big circle around the enemy.  Sometimes you need hip fire accuracy using a FAL when you're surprised by an enemy sporting an SMG with a Laser sight (which I see most every game).

The amount of recoil they added to both hip fire and ADS is ridiculous.

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you know the select fire fired slower than the semi auto. maybe if you weren't so lazy and tapped the trigger like people who didn't suck you would know that.

the gun is just fine, you're just lazy

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