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im loving losing all my 1v1s, getting shot through cover, being quickscoped(meant to be removed?), scorestreaks glitching this game is so great.

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i aim, shoot and die so what do you think

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i also love the bendy bullets that kill me round corners and my gun that never fires in kill cams.

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I like pick 10, the campaign gameplay aaaaaand thats about it.

I absolutely hate the campaign writing/story, control, netcode, maps, cqc clusterf***s, recoilless/instakill guns.

Bottom line.  This game is horrible.

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im hopeing that this turns out like BLOPS1 did after everything was fixed.

love everything except:

lag compensation (make it consistent so i can adapt)

make a few adjustments to the spawns on smaller maps so people are not over run as soon as they spawn.

remove the "kill" tag in HC CTF. make it like BLOPS1 where only KILL was shown on UAV if they didnt have ghost. its painfully confusing to run twards a KILL tag thats in your face and you cant see the actual guy.

all those things fixed and it will be even better than BLOPS1 IMO

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This game is trash. i thought Modern Warfare 3 was bad and then i got used to it but there is no getting used to this game unless you just accept being spawn killed/killed over and over.Even the guns in this game suck.The only way you can really get kills is with headshots. i use the best guns and still get killed by ppl using crappy guns. the only way i can get good scorestreaks is camping with a sniper rifle and hoping noone comes looking for me. this is DEFINITELY my last CoD unless they fix the spawn kills and the gunplay because someone with an anger problem like i have wont have an xbox or game for very long at this rate

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At first no I hated it I've never be so mad at a game before but its starting to improve hit detection etc and they need to fix footsteps .

    Once the problems are fixed then it should be a really good game as its probably the best balanced CoD . Snipers are fine so are the SMGs . I feel they need to tweak the ARs a little to get them on par with the SMGs but its not really a problem.

   Ghost is fine the way it is and think its a good idea what they have done . As for Probation think that's good as well but think it should have been named "Cool off" or something don't think they should put across that your getting punished for getting mad at the game just that you need a short break to calm down lol and I've needed plenty of them !

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The SMG's should be nerfed to bring them to the level of the AR's, not the other way around. And Ghost is not fine the way it is, it needs to have a timer on standing still or moving slowly, so that people can stop to kill somebody without showing on the radar. Also, probation needs to be removed, if people want to dashboard they will, nobody cares about probation, I know I don't, I've dashboarded plenty of unplayable games or games where I have joined a team getting raped, I didn't care about the 5min wait, which means it doesn't deter people from dashboarding and only annoys those that dc.

I agree with the first part though. The game will be amazing when things are fixed.

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Re: do you enjoy black ops 2

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I'll split it into likes and dislikes and I will first start off with saying that a week into MW3 last year I was having way more fun than a week into BO2.


Slums and Standoff (Maps)

Pick 10


Scorestreaks (As opposed to killstreaks)

Campaign (Best yet, with WaW a close second)

Nuketown Zombies

Gun Balance, except for Shotguns which once again suck -__-

Vahnderhaar's interaction with the community, atleast he cares


Every other map besides Slums and Standoff, as they are all to vertical and promote camping and headglitching

All the headglitching spots (Seriously there is like 10 times more of them in BO2 compared to MW3)

TranZit (Confusing as balls, with little to no instruction, playing with randoms is impossible)

They made shotguns shit again like in BO1 (Due in part to shitty connections)

Spawning in collision with an enemy, or spawing under a killstreak like Hellfire or something

Connection, even with good internet it seems random as to whether the game will detect my bullets or not, leads to inconsistent scores and frustrating times

Footsteps are impossible to hear even with Awareness which also makes Dead Silence useless

Ghost is still overpowered, should have made it sprint only

Unbalanced perks, literally, only Scavenger is useful for green, Tactial Mask for red (Possibly Extreme Conditioning), and then blue has Flak Jacket, Hardline, Ghost

Knifing still has a lunge even though they said it wouldn't -__-

Replacing Elite with a season's pass

Strikeforce missions (Friendly AI is completely useless)

The game lying about my NAT type

Overall multiplayer being frustrating

Damage inconsistencies like BO1 (Probably has to do with shitty servers and lag but thought I'd make it seperate anyways)

I do believe that is eveything, so far I think for the third year in a row I shall return to MW2 and COD4 oh well.

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Re: do you enjoy black ops 2

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Iron out the connection issues, fix hit detection, and this game has the potential to be the best Call of Duty since CoD 4

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