corner camp central today

Black Ops II Xbox 360

i always do but it seemed like yesterday no matter what i coulnt get the drop on anyone. didnt have that problem today.

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More like everyday. I call them corner cowards and stairmasters. I think they are amusing, because they never move and I'm coming right back at them with the SMAW.

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I don't understand why some people camp in OBJ gametypes.  I had people today not even trying to cap a flag in Domination but instead just sat in corners around the our B flag.  Then I go look at their stats and they have a 1.5 K/D and a .6 W/L.  I rather see someone with a 1.0 K/D and a 1.0 W/L because they actually play the objective. 

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that irritates me to no extent on dom, i also love the dude that goes 44-8 with 10 confirms in kc and then bitches we lost if hes on m team, then theres me who is 26-29 with 28 confirms cause im trying to snag tags he doesnt pick up amd get picked off snaggin them. then you got the other dude in dom who is 55-6 with 2 caps (which are from the start of each round) bitching his team lost, and has like 10 defends cause hes chilling in the spawn the entire game thinking hes really helping with the other 2 jackasses that are doing the same thing on the same flag while we only have one flag and me and the othet 2 teammates are puttimg in work and gettin worked on. if i notice we are gettin slammed im dom and check the board and im negative k/d with 8 caps but at the top of the leaderboard for our team and the next closes person has 2-3 caps but is extremely positve, i go an troll right next to them spamming the svu so the enemy knows where they are loitering and forces them to move and tell them to quit "tactically loitering" and go get some sun on the B flag or flag we need. i hate beimg the only one capping amd defending like crazy while the rest of the team are goimg for camos, challenges, padding stats, loitering in an area to get the high killstreaks that arent helping us win cause they are not cappimg flags or really defending, finding extra body parts they never knew they had in a corner, and spinning in circles looking at the sky woth tbeir guns pointed up.

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12 gaes iv had 5 dashboarded not coz my stats but was like 10 deaths no kills all from campers and went negative on every game not even had more then a 4 kill streak

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Man I feel your pain.  I never liked camping nor campers, i'm not very patient myself nor am I good at sniping.  I run and gun (do not hip fire much though) and play hc kc mostly.  Be it playing with or against a sniping clan or noobs that just started, I play almost the same way every time.

I honestly don't understand why people camp, in corners or not. I really really want to have an honest answer.  Do people just want to keep their k/d up? or because they feel 'safer' in a corner? The answer could be because you only play with one hand and camping is the easiest way for that. I do not care as long as it's an honest answer.

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The reason people camp is because they are absolutely terrible players and that's the only way they can get kills. People hide when they are scared.

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Just have a class with a primary weapon that has an MMS and maybe even some C4 and swap to that if you ever get a bunch of corner campers in a game...

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