care package: lode star, swarm and agr all in the same match? then a warthog(game clip)

Black Ops II Xbox 360

one before ive gotten k9 unit in a care package but ever since then i havent been lucky. well today in the same match on slums i got an AGR, Lode Star and Sarm all from care packages, followed by a warthog. i ended up going 53/10. how lucky have you gotten from care packages?

I saved a game clip, doesn't show as much as I would've liked and I don't have a HD PVR to record entire matches.

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Awesome! I long for one of those in a care pkg, let alone all three in the same match. You must have made some deal with the devil lol!

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Nah no deals with the devil here lol. I just hate when "random" people blaintely try to steal your care packages right in front of you. I don't do that to people unless they tell me to, they do it to me or they're no where around and just got killed; but if its obvious they can get their own care package I won't steal it that's a d bag move.

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If i was on the other team,i wouldve left that lobby and prayed i was host so i could dashboard .Just being honest lol.

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That's not cool. Its people like that ruin it for others who do good in a game and mess up the Theater mode video.

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My best was 3 death machines a k9 and then ended up with a uav out of the last one i had that match cant remember what k/d was but i know it was positive lol

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Wow! Thats some good luck. The highest Ive ever gotten from a package was a warthog. (well, actually a few days after I got the game I got a care package and it was a K-9 unit. as I was getting it some A-hole on MY team changed it using engineer! I got a Hellstorm instead! I was so pissed, havent seen one since. ) The highest Ive ever actually earned not from a box is a stealth chopper.

Lately Ive been running uav-paper airplane (HK lol) - care package. Im trying to get some of those higher up ones through boxes. No luck so far. Ive gotten a couple EMPs, a few dragonfires and a AGR though.

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Just keep trying and you'll get really lucky when you least expect it. I was just glad that it happened on my favorite BO2 map.

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That's great, never been that may want to buy a lottery ticket!

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sounds like a good idea!

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