can't link to youtube from in game options

Black Ops II Xbox 360

it gives me a code in the options that I put in on my youtube account then click yes let black ops access my account etc, google gives me a success message but the game gives me an error message and they're not linked. Any ideas?

Could it be because soeone banned 'greatsirkain' from the forums which is my account and my gamertag? If so who to I talk to to get this rectified? Or is it a regular occurrence?

I was singing praises the other day now I'm finding it all pretty frustrating. Youtube on my xbox, black ops on my xbox why am I having to mess around with my computer at all. Good idea gone wrong, I could stream the audio and video to my pc and record it to upload but I just disabled all that because this sounder easier...urgh...might have a nap

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