can not play the game probation locked out of mutiplayer

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Re: can not play the game probation locked out of ...

Frankly OP do what you need to do and dont give a monkeys what anyone else thinks.

This is what can happen <happened several times to me> you decide to avoid probation you will attempt to cope with the lag.

So even though you dont camp you are forced to camp get some kills <assuming you can> then move to a new spot.

If you do this, what will happen?

You get obnoxious voicemails send to you with language a Grunt would blush at, had a lot lately.

Frankly its not worth worrying about what the "community" thinks.

Many of them are not worth the effort.

I think I will just suffer the probations due to lag fests, rather than be cannon fodder or suffer the abuse for trying to adjust to this broken game.

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