bring back HC FFA.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

come on this morning got an update thought yes there doing something had a look around and hc ffa was gone. what the hell are they playin at its the only good gamemode on the damm game so i say i wont b playing the game till they bring it back if you agree with me please post so they can relise how popular the game was.

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To continue to take away modes from hardcore after grossing a billion dollars BEFORE Xmas is a complete shame. Dude, go out and discover the other good games out there like Metro 2033, Medal of Honor Warfighter, BF3 campaign only, Rage, AC3, Borderlands, etc. CoD is the same copy and paste crap every year and a lot of us are starting to drop off but they don't care cause new customers are replacing us CoD vets.

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