black flop 2 the lagg war

Black Ops II Xbox 360

game play is a joke lagg compastion..laggen = dead all of the time and nothing you shoot hits you can aim at a wall and dump all your clips into it and none of them will hit and your out of ammo..

i got videos of no lagg and people dodgeing bullets point blank in the face. or getting 6 hit markers on a a non flack jacket wearing person with out shooting threw walls or any obstical or out of range or gernades landing at the persons feet and explodeing when the smoke clears he still alive and shoots you dead..real fair he can live threw a bomb and shot me one time dead.

also a 2 second lagg means they had 2 seconds to run around the cornner line you up and shoot you guess what your screen shows nothing he killed you before you even got to see him come around the cornner..they clam it's not the lagg then they need to find the reason and the fix soon..

gernades that expolde on top or right next to a enemy...or there owen betty goes off and there standing up and your croutch but they dont die from there owen explosive..have at least 40 vids of people running threw a shock charge and it never even detonates.

people hacking your eq before you even throw it on the ground. throw a betty and before it even lands the enemy has hacked my eq how ???

and people camping spawns why do you spawn a entire friendly team with one bad guy in the spawn and this happens allot. more then allot on certion maps.

you have one guy in each spawn and it will spawn friendlys in front of enemy. tested and proven on vids they say you can't camp a spawn in this game well i say there dead wrong.

stand off this guys running a circle in the blue house killing as they spawn in the instant they spawn theres no shooting at him your dead instantly when you spawn. i shouldn't have to report this person for unsportman like conduct he should be banded from the game. aim bot user if cought then perm ban your not going to stop him from cheating your not at his house when he plays.

not olny can i camp a spawn i can get them to spawn infront of me so i get free kills..

what did the company do to fix the lagg nothing they added more content for us to lagg on and charged you more money for maps that should have been included with the game in the 1st place.. what a rip off this company is here ill sell you this game thats olny half done and ill let you have 10 maps for now but im going to finsh my game in 2014 with 20 maps and extra guns..

why would i spend any money on a game you cant even get to run smoothly. if i didnt have all the connection problems to your servers i might spend money to get the new maps and play modes but you showed me you dont give a poo about the smooth game play and let people cheat like boosters aim bots and moded controlers.. the reason im here is because this pice crud  game told me to come to this site in the middle of a game when it droped the server after it switched hosts 5 times then finaly crashed the server..

i got another idea lets add people to a losen game one thats 39 to 90 yea because we can come back from that in 1 min time.

and the kicking me for a betty that a friendly decides he wants to camp right on top of my eq and get blowen up to get me kicked from the game like how is that fair report them and nothing happens why because your company dosent care period..reported 30 boosters  all of them still playing one droping a tac and the other shooting him in the head to get his guns up and score up..

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