awkward moments with other players

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Ive never found this to be a problem with other cods, In this cod im always getting stuck in doorways with my team mates and the both of us are too stubborn to move out of the doorway and we end up in the doorway for a good five seconds lol. Anyone else experience annoying but funny moments with other team mates.

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The most awkward moment is hacking each other on Moon in BO1 to exchange money.

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It's better than MW3. I swear in that game your player gains weight before going through a doorway so he gets stuck on the frame of the door. I have had this happen to me in bo2 also. It's funny. My personal favorite is when a teammate sets off a bouncing betty killing both of you as you are trying to go prone.

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Most annoying is when you start a match and the guy in front of you cant run straight and keeps cutting you off.

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I have encountered one extremely strange player who crouched in front of me while I was sniping and cut off my field of view. I stood up; he stood up. It was sooo annoying.

And I have definitely been "steered" by other players in the beginning of a match.

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