Black Ops II Xbox 360

been playing 2 hours,in those 2 hours only 1 game i went positive, the rest.... well:

  1. Host migrations : 35+ (when smeone leaves a pre-game lobby)
  2. im stuck on ''Pro'' lobbies, with master prestiges with a KDR above 2.5, wich sucks to me, since im not a good player
  3. when the game actually does start, boom, Dc's me and says ''error modifying session''
  4. when i get in a lobby in ground war, its about to start then ''game session no longer available''
  5. i cant find games if i set my search to best or normal, i have to stick to any, wich i get 2 bars everygame...
  6. not sure if they patched, but my EMPs have delay
  7. if i pull host, game starts, dissconects everyone..


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1. Its a never ending story.

2. Thats true.

3. It rarely happens but its annoying, yes.

4. Story of my life.

5. Do you live in a low populated area?

6. EMP and delay? never heard of it to be honest.

7. Then you shouldn't be Host.


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but why does the game picks me as the host? :l

the only thing i cant stand are "Pro" players... but i cant do anything about that

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I noticed some weird stuff going on with my EMPs too.  Sometimes it would delay for like 10 seconds and then activate.......weird

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