am i the only one with diamond camo on LMGs

Black Ops II Xbox 360

i finally got diamond camo on LMGs everyone uses SMGs and sometimes assault rifles but never LMGs

it seems im the only one with diamond camo does anyone here have it

i seriously think they're extremely underrated and i usually run them with reflex quickdraw and stock

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Here is a Cookie. 

Seriously, congrats on it, but people can use whatever they want. I have been getting into LMGs more lately, love the L86. Haven't spent nearly enough time to get diamond.

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Wow, people are getting Diamond camo fast. Well done sir, I'm just working on my assualt rifles and I still have to get my head shots on the last three, than I'll go back and work on getting my double kills, long shots ect. Seems like it's taking me forever though, however I did take the time to get my riot shield and tac-45 gold which has slowed me down quite a bit.

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That's because you did ARs first. There's what 8 or 9? SMGs are just so simple to get. And honestly I had the launchers 200 shoot downs before I even started trying for camos as I always run launchers and shot everything down.

Think if you just put that time into SMGs and LMGs, you would almost have both done right now.

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I have them from running HC. They are amazingly easy to get in HC. Same with many other weapons.

My diamond camos went SMGs because I always run with those. Launchers, incredibly easy on HC. Then LMGs.

You are right though barely anyone runs LMGs so you see them much less.

My next set will either be pistols or Riot shield/bow etc. pistols shouldn't be too hard, just time consuming.

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