all pistols are over powered

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Sounds like you are lagging as pistols are well known to be a minimum 2 shot kill and only then at close range (Core obviously).  The five seven which is a 5 shot kill at long range.  The B23R is a 3 to 4 burst kill at long range.  You should try using them before complaining.  They are good but by no means OP.

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i use my pistols allot and they are way over powered in HC its a one shot kill anywere on the map head shot or not anyone of them is a 1 shot i've killed sniper's on the air craft carrier from the back of the map to the other side threw plains choppers walls.. not easy shot but is very posable..standoff map shooting threw the building to there spawn with pistol racking up kills. shooting them inside the gas station threw walls and droping them like flys..i dont play core,core is for noobs that cant shoot and i have tryed it to make the compairson.. pistols in core suck..pistol in HC is untouchable why use a assult when you can run at hyper speed usen a pistol that can shoot threw just about anything ?

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A pistol with two attachments costs more points than any primary with two attachments, and doesn't have the option of three, so I'm not losing any sleep about running around HC and one-shotting you with it.

I have gotten a warthog and two VTOLs using the Tac .45 in core, I don't use them in HC only.  I avoid AR and SMG in HC because they are so easy they make me feel dirty.  I feel bad using the Skorpion in core, but I'm going for diamonds, so it has to be done.

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Oh, they are complaining about the goddamn pistols now?! All the pistols are overpowered? Let me tell you what sucks about EACH individual pistol in one go.

Five seveN 57: Low range, Low damage

TAC45 (FNP45): High recoil, Rapid drop range past 7.5M

B23R: Low Range, Low damage, No burst delay, so you waste too much ammunition.

KAP40: Low range, low damage, High recoil, High Full-Auto RPM wastes ammo, low ammo pool.

Executioner (Raging Bull): High recoil, slow RPM, awkward to use, slow to reload, mandates attachments, low range, almost always requires more than 2 shots to kill, 5 rounds in the chamber.

Your arguement is invalid. (Click on the link, for whatever reason i can't post images here, it just gives me an weird error.)

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five seven does 55 damage max, but its 2 shot range is a lot shorter, after that its a 3 shot.

tac 45 has little recoil idk where your getting that from and is still a 3 shot kill at a good distance

B23R has good range, is a 3 shot kill anywhere on the body and you can spam it

KAP40 is decent range due to low recoil a 3 shot kill like the B23R and EZ to use.

executioner is honestly just a PoS

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And guess what? That is what it is intended to do!

I'm really starting to think you must be kidding if you seriously think that the Handguns in this game are OP.

YES, the Five SeveN does indeed has a long three hit kill range. But what's honestly wrong with that?

In ALL of the past call of duty games the Pistols were 3 hit kills W/O stopping power when avaible. If we were to follow your logic, then the USP45 with Ext. Mags from MW2 is DRASTICALLY OP. But guess what? It isn't. You can't hit a bloody thing from far off, sure, it has low recoil, but the visual recoil and the muzzle flash, and the fact that your weapon (57) has a low firecap HINDERS it's ranged combat abilities!

And the TAC45 is the same story, but the only difference is that your 2HK is extended a bit. Again, referencing older CODs, If we were to follow your logic, the COD4 desert eagle w/ Stopping Power would have been the most overpowered weapon in the franchise. 1200RPM Fire Cap, 70-49 damage, Good range, clear irons, minimal kick. But no, it wasn't OP, it was just a good weapon.

And if you still think handguns are OP, then be my bloody guess, take the 57 and try to snipe with it, or outgun SMGs at an direct gunfight. Try to win a Free For All full of Tryhards if the handguns are so OP.

Once again, YOUR ARGUEMENT IS INVALID. Maybe you just played against someone who is really good, Like Xbox Ahoy, then got butthurt that he knows how to use handguns properly and is now crying his arse off demanding Treyarch to nerf things that SHOULDN'T be nerfed.

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iv'e used the pistols plenty of times, and outgunned plenty of people its easy when its a 2-3 kill at 600 RoF.

and last time i checked this wasn't Mw2, and the pistols weren't as powerful.

hell iv'e sniped people with the KAP 40 just because its so easy to use and fires at 900 RPM.

maybe the handguns wouldn't be OP if treyarch didn't put shit in your line of sight every 5 feet, and head glitch spots aplenty, and make the maps complete clusterfucks not including the spawn points and the lack of sound.

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dude....the executioner is complete crap. you have to be within 7 feet of your target for it to even register as a hitmarker. you sir are FALSE

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I guess what Treyarch was trying to do with this was to mimick the Shotguns secondaries in MW2. But they didn't want to commit the same mistake IW did when balancing this, so they make the weapon somewhat nerfy.


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Tac 45 Five Seven Executioner are all very average guns, not even close to being OP.

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