account reset can any one help

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Same happened to me Xbox360 : GT SparingHydra23

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My classes got reset and some stats got messed up. I messaged you.

Gamertag: lCaNtPlAy

thats with a lower case L

Platform: Xbox360

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Happend to me        

My PSN is ItSriboy     Capital i                   

Platform : PS3

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Same here reset and lost everything. Xbox360 : GT Dragonbeastface.   please help

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Happened to me through local. Went from 5th prestige to none. kill4monkeys (Xbox 360)

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Please be aware that this is just a discussion site for gamers and not a direct link to Microsoft, Treyarch or anyone else, there is nobody here who can actually do anything for you.

Cranium 2001 has posted the correct information of who you need to contact.

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