Your router, connection and "game lag"

Black Ops II Xbox 360

gdogg79 wrote:

Hopdevil96 wrote:

Yes, every time I have an unbearable 0-6 start to a game and back out. Host migration.

Stopped reading there

you shouldve pressed the back button. not the reply button.

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So you are ok with someone rage quitting because of a 0-6 start?

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Yes hardcore is definitely more consistant than core. I dont know why. Ive only gotten shot before i see the person round the corner a handful of times.

In core it happens pretty much every time someone rounds a corner. we get used to it and adapt.

Its still plenty frustrating.

And capping my bandwidth helps me every time. not a placebo. more bullets register. bottom line.

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the main issue is the mb and ram. core has mini map which boggs everything causing temperature at exhaust port to reach into the 32'C range, hardcore has no minimap and runs at 31.7'C-------ambiant temp is 20'C. another issue is this cheaters who send your ip packets to gain advantage. cheaters with lag switches. this game seems cyclic, beast one game get destroyed(handicapped) the next 10 or smart camp and finish mid pack. oh yeah Remove TACTICAL insertion immediately or give evyone prestige master and all rewards and diamonds; not fair i spend hours playing everyday and earned my diamonds on smg, .........god don't make me play halo.

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i can tell u ur prob right now. ur using a G connection prob wireless N is fastest. try wireing ur connection 2nd go on and u cant blame the game for ur bad connection i have a virgin media 60MB fibre optic HUB my upload is only 2.90 which is shit when i get host sometimes i go 0-10 but sometimes i rape the who other team. last night me and y other half was online she put agr warthog and dogs on i did the same i was host and we both got all our streaks which is good for us as my K/D is 1.06 hers in 1.02 we aint hardcore gamers we play for fun but you can not blame the game for ur bad connection

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Took my modem into TWC and had them replace it. No change. Replaced my 6yr old G router with a Netgear dual band wireless N router and problems fixed. Phones and tablet are on one network and the laptops and Xbox are on another. I still have old school lag but can adjust to that. Not more froze host and hardly any "wtf" moments.

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