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Ok, this topic popped into my head about 10 minutes ago, and I would like to hear your opinions on it.

How do you feel about people using custom emblems that have been made through a guide on YouTube?

I personally use an emblem created from a guide on YouTube, and see many emblems that are clearly from YouTube. But, if the creator of an emblem wants his work to be used and seen by other people, I'm fine with helping them out.

Imo I'd rather see lots of copied emblems than sex-related ones...

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I use YouTube to help with my Emblems. I am always amazed by their artistry and creativity, and I am not too great at coming up with them myself. I usually follow the steps but put my own touches on them. Used one to help make my Bane Emblem, and folks seem to love it.

Its a great way to get ideas. Like you said, better this than perverse/racist emblems.

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I agree, I wish i could create such great emblems from my own imagination, and that Bane emblem does look very cool.

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seen a few bane emblems and always find it funny when other people say "hey check out that cool hannibal lecter emblem"...

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Prefer youtube emblems to dicks, but i like emblems where people have made their own, I just copied a picture, its not hard to do it yourself, you dont need someone holding your hand

I wish liking and disliking emblems was easier, wish it was like the report button, one click

Most of the time i cant even like good emblems, it will just say they're unavailablee

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Lets put it this way,

I could make my own pedobear and it would look good, but not quite right...

Or i could follow a youtube vid and make him perfect...

Off topic, is there an easy way to insta like an emblem out of the lobby? I always have go through 4 menu's before i can like an emblem.... takes forever or it doesnt load at all sometimes

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I think it gets stale after a while of seeing the same emblems all the time. I mean how many times do you find a pikachu that impressive when you see two of them per lobby everyday.

The lude emblems are worse I will admit but I would much rather see peoples creativity. I have made a few emblems that have since shown up on Youtube emblem quick guides (I have a pretty kick ass Mickey Mouse and a Hello Kitty emblem) but I made mine without and thought some of them up out of the air (an emblem for one of my friends Youtube Channel and one for my own)

I want to see creative content not cookie cutter players which is what a good chunk of the community is turning out to be. Everyone who watches the latest tricks and tips episodes usually also come into the game with a YouTube Emblem as well and the games are too similar all the time.

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I have no problems with those at all. At leas they truly are creative and interesting to look at. Far better than the childish porn and hate emblems that are seen too often in the game.

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epicbiscuitxxl wrote:

How do you feel about people using custom emblems that have been made through a guide on YouTube?

That you can never truly enjoy this game to its full potential until you've sat on a team all sporting ted emblems against a team of stewie emblems.

I have no problem with yt emblems as long as they are actually done right, have at least some personalisation to them and arent overly saturated in the community.

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