Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

well said...

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Halo Jumping never works for me, my aim is always off and the other player always seems to pre-aim me and kill me fairly quickly.

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I laugh at the people that try it in HC. It only works if I have like, a KSG, executioner, or crossbow. Otherwise, I assist them in their jumping to permanent prone status pretty much everytime. Its a worthless HC tactic, just like dropshotting.

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Doesn't bother me unless I am in a lobby and that's all they do. Which luckily I don't run into them that often. I know it's a tactic but it's annoying to say the least.

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i T-bag those little dicks to just rub it in more how much they suck

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if u want to dropshot or jump, it doesnt matter, do what u want to do.  because you might get me once, but next time i aim at ur feet to start and u r dead.  its a tactic that has become a call of duty staple.  i understand doing it on occasion, like if someone starts shooting you from behind you have a better chance if you drop.  but instantly dropping to the ground everytime you see someone says a lot about your overall skill level, and im sure your k/d reflects highly on that.

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I like shooting them out of the air. I really don't give 2 eff's how people play. I adjust to each situation and move along.

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I can't speak for BO2 since dropshotting has been bastardized by this dolphin dive crap, however, dropshotting in MW2 just meant my reflexes were faster than yours. If some of you guys think that my naturally faster reflexes are a cheap tactic, then why not tell an NBA player that he's being cheap for being 6'5''. See how that doesn't quite work out? Remember CoD is a video game and as unrealistic dropshotting may be, it's a legitimate test of reflex ability. Obv not anymore because half the time I try to dropshot I end up diving headfirst into the enemies ballsack but in MW2/3.

Way I see it with this thread bringing up ''halo'' jumping you idiots really will try to complain about anything and everything. What's next? My controller has a broken r1 button which results in me losing gunfights? Plz nerf bullets treyarch plz

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pressing and holding a button doesn't involve reflex, especially now since they made knifing so useless you can just run tactical and just press down on the joystick so you don't even have to move your finger

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Let's see. We're approaching a corner at roughly the same speed and we turn the corner at the same time. Im first to react by dropping down. I dont know what you're trying to say bud. As for knifing being useless, I still get commando knifed sometimes so Im not too sure we're playing the same game. Hijacked you can pretty much dominate by running and knifing

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