Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Do you get mad that people learn new skill on how to defeat there opponents?  You think they are cheap because you get out played.  You think you are so good at the game because you follow these bogus "rules" on how you are supposed to play a game.  People can play it how ever they see fit.  If they want to jump around or lay on the ground, let them.  Stop critisizing how people play, just because they have a few more skills to beat there opponents in a gun fight.

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i bet you're the type of person who would just use a aim bot if he could get away with it.

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Excellent response. There are a ton of people that have become really good at killing people who use this tactic. I myself have both mastered doing it, and killing people who do it. All you have to do is see it happen and become familiar with is and it's just a couple more skills and tactics to add to your personal toolbox.

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I remember on Halo 2 all of the reload cancels: BXR, BXB, and Doubleshot.  Learning how to do those didn't happen overnight.  Getting used to using them didn't happen overnight.  Using them effectively and successfully didn't happen overnight.  But once you mastered them you could completely destroy your competition.  They may have been "cheap," but they don't make you a better player.  The only way you can become a better player is using them successfully.

I have been dropshotting since WAW.  Learned how to do it during a clan tryout.  I sucked at it, but after I got used to do it in MW2, I became nearly unstoppable.  Now that I have learned how to jumpshot over certain parts of the map, I know have a tactical advantage to kill more people.  I maybe be considered cheap by some, but if I win the fight then you just got outplayed and then cry about it.

I am not going to be invincible doing it.  It doesn't make anyone invincible.  It just adds to your "skills."

They are not crutches.  Crutches involve something that is too easy to do and has a high reward.  Jumpshotting is hard to do successfully, and has a low reward.  A crutch would be camping in the corner and waiting for people to walk by.  A crutch would be Target Finder because you are too stupid to see the enemies in front of you, so you need to have a diamond point it out.

I play the game with a passion to be the best player I can.  Just the mentality that I have gotten from playing Halo for 5 years(2005-2009).

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less time douche bagging and more time focussing on how your opponents fight, camps, flanks, thinks etc wins more matches then cheap tricks that once they've been discovered become easily countered

oh your that guy that drop shot me, split second pause as i adjust and aim at floor, head shot. big win job done.

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To be honest the term HALO JUMP is about as annoying as hearing the word TRYHARD.

Halo isnt the first game you could jump in, so how come we dont say Pitfall Jumping, or Frogger Jumping, or Qbert jumping.

I feel anyone who uses these terms are just plain dumb, simple-minded idiots.

I feel dumber for having even read this post.

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The ptoblem is people are using it for any jumping now, the point was it described guys who were modded in the past, peoiple who could jump clear over your head, not regular bunny hopping.

When used that way it was an accurate description as low Gravity jumping was introduced by halo.

I have seen it maybe 6-7 times in this game since launch, towards the end in MW 2 you would see it at least once in every game lol.

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Dude. Halo jumping is awesome. Especially in hc because the enemies least expect it and then you're all up in front of their faces lol

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Except if they are going for head shots then you get shot in the ass in mid air lol

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