Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Those people that do not like Halo jumping or Drop shotting, are likely the same people that aren't really sure how to do it.

In that case, without sounding arrogant, I say good.

The fact is that we've been playing essentially the same game for many, many years now. Halo jumping and Drop shotting are adjustments and tactics used by modern FPS players to enhance their chance of winning a gun fight - in short, it's a sign of a player improving.

I appreciate and respect players that have improved and adapted to the games.

These players - the ones that have brought about new tactics and approach - aren't necessarily the problem.

The problem lies with those that expect players to just stand still and die once they start firing their weapon.

The important thing to note as well - halo jumping and drop shotting are great techniques, and are fabulous ways to catch players off guard, but they aren't invincible maneuvers and they can be countered.

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Halo jumping meh! But if someone wants to do it let em' not really hard to deal with as for drop shotting don't really see the point in doing it now since its been nerfed . Always find it funny when someone drop shots me and their behind me ?? Lol

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Ok I get why they call it Halo Jumping now cause someone hacked to be able to jump over people. In all actuality though it is just jumping. I have no issues with jumpers or droppers. I may lose 2 out of 10 of those engagements. I get more mad at I shoot you get a hit marker with an assault rifle, and you shoot me from the same distance with a Sub machine gun and get a kill. Nothing beats that in the book of aggrevation.

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