Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

That's fine, my point was there are those who use a modded control to do it. That's where the problem is.

How do you know who does it legit, or is using modded assistance?

And that's why I don't like it

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Thing is, where there are 3rd party controllers which offer said capability that are actually allowed to be used in CoD (Onza, Scuf), I dont think they are so bothered by other modded controllers which offer similar functionality. Mouse and Keyboard or Rapid Fire are a bigger issue IMO.

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theres modded controllers that slow down your aiming speed when you hit the aim button as well

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I like it because they look like complete idiots when I kill them. I can see them coming, they run off behind a wall then think jumping back out like a looney will mean I miss. I just aim up a bit haha. The worst thing that can happen is they dont jump, in which case I aim down a little. It's a bit harder when they jump off objects but then your aim messes up when you do that so it's not always a win for them.

It's the drop shotters I don't like because the sucky hitboxes mean it's tricky to take them out.

On the modded controllers subject - I don't really care. If you feel you need to invest in them in order to win then it's you that has become that obsessed with winning.

I saw a 3arc Dev video, I think it might have been Vonderhaar talking about the new DLC and there was a controller in the background that had one of those Control Freaks on the left stick. Therefore they are obviously not frowned upon in general.

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the aim assist locks onto people jumping around like retards, its gotten me killed a few times when i was shooting at a camper and his friend jumps out the window beside him and the aim assist drags onto him while im trying to fight it and bring it back

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I hate it...but not because of the mechanics...

People think it works because it takes players by surprise...not really. It works because it simultaneously shuts off aim assist(not sure why) and the lag in this game makes it so they look like they are standing up doing nothing for a good half second before it teleport-prones them if you haven't died already.

If they fixed the aim assist and lag comp issues I guaranted it would not work. Players did this even back in MW3. It didn't work. Its a rare case that it might actually give you any benefit.

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I don't give a crap I still kill them. It's predictable.

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yep and my headshot counts keeps going up and up each time they want to pu$$ out and drop to there knees and giv me a bj

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I made a Halo jumper rage quit in MW3 on Village.

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I make everyone quit. 

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