Yes or No to "Halo jumpers"?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Whenever I come up against a guy who does this my train of thought goes along the lines of...

Seriously?  You need to go to those lengths to beat me?  I'm useless at this game, my accuracy is terrible, my reaction times are shocking and you STILL need to do this?

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lol unfortunately when I do it, I dont know if my competitor is super good, or really bad, so most of the time I just do it no matter what!

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Pogo-Stick perk in the next COD perhaps? lol 

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I do not see it as anything to get worked up about..   You just aim where the person goes...  If they go up,  aim up, if they drop shot then aim down, its not that hard.

Of course a person is going to try to avoid being shot, I do not jump much myself but if thats what somebody wants to do its fine.  

It would be cheap if they were cheating or explioting a glitch,  but jumping is not so let people play their style..

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yes it's annoying but who cares? really...this is what you spend your time on the forums with? make me want to punch a blind kid just for posting this stupid thread...spend some time on something that actually a broken part of the game instead of trying to stir up a trolling debate over "halo-jumping" in CoD...what's next? take out drop-shotting? how about quick-scoping? oh wait...what about hard-scoping?

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RallyOrDie wrote:

I am fine with that because I know for a fact that I am the better player.

FYI, the game has built in avatar lag that causes most players to lose hit detection when the enemy jumps. So if you think getting a split second of invincibility while keeping the ability to shoot makes you some kind of legend, well... /facepalm.

Again, not as bad on console thanks to aim assist and the lack of a keyboard. Console players must move their thumb off the aim stick in order to jump. On PC, I use a PS3 controller and the halo jump pretty much makes the keyboard players unbeatable in a 1 vs 1.

there's a copy of the post i'm responding too...maybe you didn't type it...but it sure looks like it to please explain this "avatar lag" to me...cause i've never heard of an invincibility barrier just from jumping around the screen

face're a bad kiddie who deserves to be punished

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I never put the word "barrier" in the sentence. The invincibility comes from the enemy shooting at your ghost, which I already explained. Learn how to read. Also, learn how to quote.

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i love halo jumping kids

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All I know is that it doesn't work against me particlularly (nor drop shotting) and I find it a bit ridiculous although very satisfying to kill these players. They are making such an effort that it makes it all the more fun to get the headshot (I get a lot against drop shotters it seems).

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I pull off jump shots ok with a normal controller. If its not down to fast thumbs, its down to a very flexible forefinger (I can also dropshot with default controls thanks to the latter).

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