Would you buy more than two of the new camos if all of them were for sale?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Yes or No?

I find it odd that Treyarch would not sell all of the camos they created. It would only give them a chance to make more money...

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Roll the dice. Life is a gamble
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Depends on the camos, I buy the ones I like.

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Yesh if they were cool enough xD i bought both the new ones cus i liked them

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I would, I bought extra points to save hoping they will release them soon.

I saw youtube videos of the other ones and I definitely want the paladin, obviously whoever made the video cheated the system to get the camos, but they looked good to me.

I do have to say the cyborg is my favorite of all of them released, but it sucks because it seems like literally 1 in 3 players are using it

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Hahaha, My guess would have been 4 in 5, kinda funny though because it's like painting a giant bulleye on them it's so bright glowing orange you can spot it clear across a map no matter how good they think they're hiding (and probably would have been if it wasn't for the cyborg camo alterting you to them). I mean it just draws your eye (and your gunsights) right to them.

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I purchase any of the camos that I think will look cool.

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No. I'm will only use caoms built-in to the game. I'm not going to pay them more money for a camo. They could've just gave them to us as part of DLC, but their too greedy.

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Anyways, they aren't that greedy, it's buisness and microsoft takes about 50% of sales in dlc from them. Not their fault.

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