Will the player card show previous prestiges?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Well since they only reduced the hacking in blops and mw3 they are more reliable references to someone's dedication level. Too many folks went to prestige lobbies/hacks in the previous titles. Prestiging keeps the game alive/challenging and it doesn't hurt to show the badges as they have no influence on what will happen when the game starts.

The playercard in the lobby will give me the info I need to watch out for people if it's at all similar to blops, one thing I missed in MW3.

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nice phrases ss78_

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I agree with your statement, but I like th fact that it shows previous games achievement.  I was in the military and I used to wear my medals proud.  I don't need to speak about it when people can just see it.  It's also hard to find a good clan now days.  Everyone wants 10.0 kd and 80% W/l ratio.  Maybe things like these can help people get into clans in terms of experience.  I never prestiged until I played WAW. 

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Unless they say different I'm pretty sure we won't see past prestige emblems return cause it was IW who did it, not Treyarch. Too bad, IW should have worked with Treyarch to include some of the Black Ops innovations in MW3 like dive to prone. We'll see, I don't expect it to be there though.

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Yes but IW showed the previous prestiges from COD 5 and BO too?

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I am not trying to be rude here but who gives a sh**?

be happy or proud of your accomplishments, sure, that's great. Even a freindly competition between friends/family etc. All is good and fun.

But WHY are so many people caught up with what other people think??? Strangers, faceless voices over a game console? Seriously, what does it matter?

I could care less that you have prestiged 800 times in 4 COD titles. If you had fun doing it, that is all that matters, Who cares if people think or tell you that you have no life or that you are a beast for maxing out prestige in all titles. Why does this add or take away from your enjoyement of the game?

I could care less about any of your stats, I only care about what is going to happen in the game that is about to start. Then I am over it and moving on to the next one. No amount of time you or I put into a game is going to do anything to change what is about to happen.

Some people are so pre-occupied with this that it probably does take away from their enjoyement.


Again, not trying to be rude. I just don't get it

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