Why is everythin gone?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

today I was in the middle of playing and got disconnected from xbox live so i went to play local and quit out of match because i got bored and when i logged back on and went to play online everything was gone i was 6th prestige and had diamond bazookas and specials can everything be put back to how it was or do I have to start all over again because I never cheat and have never gotten an e-mail about info being compromised

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That would be the Local to Multi bug that messes up a profile in xbox.

Happened to me on January 4th, opened a ticket with Activision, still not fixed and havent played multi since.

I've read on twitter and some posts here where other players have also had this happen well before it happened to me.

I am Prestige Master(10 days+ played at the time), lost my 5 extra CaC slots, lost my Diamond launchers earned, all xBow progress(only had Bloodthirsty left) and got a bunch of calling cards for Gamemodes, Knife Master and other calling cards that I had not previously earned pop into my profile.  Also Combat Record Equipment and Scorestreak stats show logrithmic and in the millions of uses.

Treyarch obviously made an amateur development mistake in coding which caused some sort of bridging in the code between Local and Multiplay.  What I dont understand is how they haven't identified and patched this to prevent more incidents like this happening.  In my open ticket(someone closed 3 days later as "Resolved" which I reopened because there was no change to the situation), I requested a restore of my pfile to the day or two before the incident, guess they can't do this? Still doesn't fix the code problem though.

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This same thing happened to me, did you ever get it fixed, and how?

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