Why does a prestige master have the same equipment and perks that a level 55 player has?

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I would add a benefit called "The 11th Hour" to one of the next DLC's giving master prestige holders an 11th slot to be used in the create a class section.  Although I think they might still add more prestige levels later on. Just guessing though.

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Jeez, everybody thinks my idea sucks!  I understand what you guys/gals are saying, especially about the boosting/glitching.  But part of me still holds onto the hope that there can be more once we've reached the Promised Land...

Let me ask you this; Would it appeal to you to play against a team in which there are a player or two that was a little different/outside the norm?...with an extra skill, which if you are crafty and skilled, you received bonus XP for the kill or assist of this player?  Anybody??


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I personally think that the shouldn't be a reward at all.  I think that everything should be unlocked on DAY1.

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Too communistic for me!!  I should be rewarded for my hard work!

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Well you know, since your idea sucks, there's probably a good chance it will be in the next title. Thanks a lot.

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Prestige Master is synonymous with dork. Yes I should have the same equipment and perks as dorks.

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I don't like this idea.

The only reward for being top prestige is, and should be...Prestige.

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I've got a fabulous idea.

If you finish every challenge in the game, why don't you go do some volunteer work in your community? Go mow the lawn or shovel some snow for some elderly folks in your town. Or go work a soup kitchen on Saturday mornings. Maybe you can go down to the local school and volunteer to do some tutoring.

I can think of a lot of other challenges that you could do, as well.

My point is that prestige, as so many have already noted, is nothing more than a symbol of how much time you've put in playing the game. It's great that you have had the time to complete all the challenges. But the bulk of COD players will be lucky if they complete all the challenges within a year's time. The overwhelming majority will not be able to complete half the challenges. Instead they will hope that the next COD is more realistic in the number of challenges out there so that they will be able to finish them then.

I play a lot of COD. Probably over 600 hours worth a year. And I'm an "above average" player. Still, I haven't been able to complete all the challenges since MW1. I feel robbed on all those CODs. With BO2, the number and nature of the challenges is realistic ... for me.

If there were fewer challenges, I would not be bothered. I'll tell you why. Because I would know that other players would not feel the need to boost or cheat to complete those same challenges. I would know that they felt like they were getting their money's worth ... even if it took them until the release of the next COD to finish those challenges.

And, most of all, I could spend the interim between completing all the challenges and the next COD focusing upon improving my skills, not worrying about how the game would be better because of some extra weapon or perk or ... platimun plated, diamond crusted, ruby sighted camo.

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