Why does a prestige master have the same equipment and perks that a level 55 player has?

Black Ops II Xbox 360


You're effectively saying the same thing that Valley just said. For those of us that slug our way through to get gold camo on every weapon, what would adding yet another camo gain for us?

By your own words, nothing but the satisfaction of getting gold camo. We already have that. So why more?

This prestige stuff has been a disaster since MW1. It means nothing in the long run because so many people boost and/or otherwise cheat to get it.

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that's hilarious.  so because you are a better player, you deserve a BIGGER advantage over lesser players?? 

nice logic.

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it makes sense yes but i dont agree, because your level of prestige doesnt determine how good of a player youre...i see plenty of master prestiges that suck and have negative kds and just play a lot...because "time played" is the only thing your level of prestige shows

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riffy08 wrote:

I love COD, and probably always will.  But I find that I would appreciate it more if the progression through prestige meant a little more.  Why not have a reward system in which a player that achieves a high level prestige is rewarded…Not with an extra class slot or an unlock,  but with something that gives a slight advantage over a lower level person?  A prestige master, in this system, would be a more powerful adversary.  It would mean something more.  You could then reward a lower prestige if he were to kill the master…extra XP, or a temporary perk, for example.

Does this make sense to anybody?

Actually... they may have used all of their tokens and not unlocked everything. After all, there are more unlocks than unlock tokens.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I have a buddy who does not prestige EVER because of this. He only uses two weapons (which are both unlocked immediatley upon prestiging) and refuses to do it. He just says "What's in it for me?" I just tell him to quit being a baby and do it, but to each their own. One day I will have everything unlocked as I plan on making it to master prestige. He on the other hand can have fun sitting and playing with the same weapon and perks for ever.

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that would incentivise people to boost/glitch/cheat their way to master quicker.

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Prestiging has been pointless in other cods, execpt for black ops due to face paint, gold camo and 10 cac slots. Meanwhile in black ops 2 it has a reason, and sort of forces you to prestige. I like this and I'm prestige 9, almost prestige master.

They're adding more prestiges I heard 12-15, I hope not.

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i think you replied to the wrong post

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So what you're saying is you want more of an advantage to kick more *** with people of a lower rank? Ok....you reached prestige master: that's already enough **+ kicking. Be happy you reached master.

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widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality

Yeah, there are some rewards that come along with prestiging in CoD, but its really just a status symbol saying "been there, done that". The ranking system which starts you at Private and acends to Commander should be the only place an "advantage" should take place in my opinion.

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