Why do you have to be a p****?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Usually when playing games by myself I disconnect the chat because I get tired of listening to all the stupid stuff that comes out of peoples mouths.If I do connect then I am always on mute. No one really ever listens anyway so whats the point?  That being said I finally lost it last night at someone.  Why do people feel the need to mess with peoples care packages.  I was in a dom game and a Sent Gun dropped, as I am collecting it some little p**** changes it to a RC-XD.  Well, I am amazed I did not get a communication ban for the vile I unleashed on this guy.  The gun could of helped win the game, while the RC-XD was basically useless. I will never understand why people have to play to just ruin the game for someone else.......

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Use Black Hat with Engineer yourself. Throw a care package INSIDE a one story building/structure and you don't have to worry about it.

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Use this advice. Or earn your streaks the hard way. Or join a clan.

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Can't use black hat on your own packages.

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you can

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like above mentioned, yes you can.

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Play with friends.

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I had some little idiot change my package 3 Times in one match today this is what I lost

stealth chopper changed to a uav

hellstorm changed to guardian

gunship changed to another uav

and to top it off we lost the gamegame it could have been a lot different if he hadn't changed them then he had the nerve to cry about losing the match in the lobby afterwards, I reported him for cheating but I'm not sure if they will do anything

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Very bad luck. No one ever changes mine because I change them myself. No one ever steals mine either because I use a Black Hat.

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So has this changed then?  I have NEVER been able to use black hat on my own packages like I normally try if they land just out of reach

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