Why do they hate Hardcore so much?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I prefer to read than write, looking for answers than asking the same questions. But I find the forums more of a place to rant than find answers. Even though the best way to complain, is by phone. I feel a seperate complaints section in the forum would make it easier to read the rest.

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Restore_Hardcore wrote:

That's where you are wrong, the hit detection in core is bad and HC doesn't have that problem nearly as bad. You play HC so you should know this. HC just flat out plays better than core. Core is inconsistent, play a few matches of both and you will see. Lag is horrible in core but the effects of lag aren't as bad in HC. If you want to be the spokesperson for 3arc submit an application, either that or stop making excuses for them. The numbers in HC would go up if we had a mosh and DOM. Sorry if I offended you earlier but you have trolled me hard in the past. 3arc's games lag more than IW's, at least in my experience. Like I said, how is it that I have no problem finding HC games to play going as far back as WAW? I can't say anything about CoD4 cause I got hacked out about a year ago. There is no excuse for the lack of HC support. HC is what they should be building off of instead of catering to newer players with core. Ya I know vets play core (guess they enjoy mowing down noobs). There is a reason it's called hardcore and why IW classifies it under the "Advanced Playlist". Don't come at me saying core is harder, I already listed the reasons why core is a lot easier. Core has it's challenges and I'm not saying you have to be a noob to play it but HC is the advanced mode period. Core is littered with problems and inconsistent gameplay. I've been playing shooters since the 80's so I think I know what I'm talking about, and so does most of the HC community.

I play both modes and I see no difference in hit detection. What I do notice though Is zombie markers. Which makes people think the hit detection is bad. Why do HC people think its better?

Because enemies die easier, they dont have the chance to generate this misconception. does core have a problem? with hit detection? no, only reason is the legnth of time hitmarkers linger after they appear. People see the hitmarker and assume that even though they are not aiming at the enemy

that they are still getting a ton of hits, when in reality, the first hitmarker has yet to vanish.

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Ya I'm tired of hearing the matchmaking excuse too. How come I can jump on HC from any of the last 5 releases and still find games without any problem even if there are only a few hundred in the list? HC DOM would be huge in HC. It's one of the most played games in Core too and I bet a lot of those playing are hardcore players who simply don't have any other option.

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I agree, I stopped playing DOM because of all the BS with connection issues and moved over to HC TDM, best thing I ever did. Yes the connection issues are still present, but in most games the HC mode balances this out. Also when the connection has gone all to hell you find out real quick and can bail or camp your ass off <if you choose to>.


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My stats in TDM game mode

               SPM     Wins     W/L      KDR

TDM        282       232        1.03     1.22

HC TDM   337       113        1.43     1.58

I think and i feel hardcore easier, you dont need to control your recoil because you have less health and every weapon can kill at any range.


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If you play hardcore, you see very little lag.

Why? There is no killcam to get your little underpants in a twist over.

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This is why. Simple and plain, get over it. They're catering to MLG, and although the small forums community would like to disagree, you're either a part of that small elite group, or ignorant.

- Younique

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What Vahn said about the low HC numbers is BS.  They're being as ignorant to HC as they are with every other issue people have with the game.  If they only have 4 slots for HC (which again I think is BS), why don't they have 1 of the slots roling on a weekly/bi-weekly basis giving people the variety they desire.  Or as other people have said - introduce a HC moshpit!

I'm sick to death of peoples ignorance on here.  If people want more HC modes, why do core gamers feel the desire to troll?  Just don't get involved.  Go get involved in a core issue.  We want more HC modes, we can see no valid reason why there are no more HC modes and we're sick of the BS people give as to why we can't have more HC modes.  But then again people are also sick of the lag, overpowered SMG's, campers, head glitches, poor maps, spawn trappers, lag compensation etc etc and these issues are not resolved so why do we even bother?

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You know what? I'm sick of hc cry babies!

Be glad you got anything because hc mode is an after thought that realistically NOT THAT MANY PEOPLE LIKE!

Face it. Accept it.. Move on.

Be glad you have what you have honestly, right now I have more respect for the competitive quick scoping community because they aren't crying day in and day out.

They know that if they love a secondary game mode so much they can go play it in customs to their harts content.

Hc mode ftl.

So sick of the crying from you kids.

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If you're so sick of trolling hc threads then stop, problem solved.

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