Why are so few people using LMGs? They are great! :D

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I mean, they are very steady, they are powerful, a lot of ammo, they come with the Quickdraw as an attachment option, and really everything you need. Why are so few people using them? I personally didn't use LMGs much. Most Assault Rifles and SMGs. Then I tried the LSAT, and now I nearly don't use anything else! LSAT with Quickdraw, FMJ and Target Finder, olala! >: D That is a sure winner! So, do people think they're OP, do they think they suck, or why doesn't people use them? :\

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target finder? such a bailout attachment to use IMO. i hate it. had to rearrange my classes to get cold blooded in there.

but i like to stay moving so a LMG isnt for me. campers dream though, but i just cant sit in the same area all game. redundantly boring.

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its not exactly easy, but you can move around with an lmg.

you just have to know the map and know where the traffic routes are... i do it all the time.

the only problem i have is when i run into someone that knows them just as well & then it comes down to me being able to shoot first or im dead.

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To be effective with an LMG you have to know a lot more about the likely areas where players will be to be productive.  In TDM I've had my best games using either SMGs and ARs because mobility is such an issue.  I never had to think about where I'd move to I just ran around without a care in the world and finished top of the leaderboards.  If there are maps in objective game modes where the lines of sight aren't too long then I can use the SCAR just fine (it deals 45 damage up to 60m or so).  Put Quickdraw on it and pair with Dexterity and I'm good to go.  Run out of ammo?  Just know when to scavenge.  That has caught me out a few times.

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why do people always assume that because of a movement penalty u must stay in one general area?

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I'm a rusher lmgs is for more of the passive camper type player.

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The LSAT is my most used gun. It would be kinda OP if it wasn't for the long reload time.

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I'm working to get the hamr gold. Rest already gold. Mostly use fmj, stock and a sight. Only drawback of using a LMG in kill confirmed is that getting the confirms can be a headache. Because your movement speed is low. And I try to keep some distance between me and the enemy. But than mostly doesn't work. Will still and up in enemy spawn

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They are easy to use. Ever since CTF became Dom I've used them more to guard an area and they work great.

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QBB LSW with stock and lightweight FTW!!!

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