Why are so few people using LMGs? They are great! :D

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I like rushing, but I do have an anti air class with a the MK48. It did have the LSAT, but I wanted to try a different one and the MK48 is even more of a laser than the LSAT. The bullet spread is virtually nonexistent.

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cause they are op

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if anything I've seem a major increase in lmg users over the past month. And have to admit I've been one of them. I haven't really given then a chance before because I was going for diamond ar's but since then I've the lmgs to quite the surprise and in the good sense

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LMG's are very versitile weapons, but a lot of players don't like them because of their slow handling.  The majority of players, myself included, prefered to remain mobile rather than camping.  The slower handling on an LMG doesn't make for a good run and gun class so a lot of players avoid them in favor of the faster weapons. However, it's quite possible to build a fast and mobile LMG class that will prove very effective. This is the one I use when I need to dump on people.

Primary Weapon:



Laser Sight, Variable Zoom

Secondary Weapon:

Combat Knife

Perk 1: Light Weight

Perk 2: Fast Hands, Scavenger

Perk 3: Dexterity

Lethal: Combat Axe

Tactical: Concusison Grenade x 1

Wild Cards: Perk Greed 2

While at first glance this might not look like a close combat class it works very well. The QBB LSW has the damage, range, and wall penetration of the Scar H.  It also has the fire rate of the MP7 and a 75 round clip on top of that. What this translates into, is that the weapon has very good hip fire and this class rather than trying to correct the slow ADS time and movement speed instead relies almost exclusively on hip fire to get kills. Lightweight eases the slow base movement speed and dexterity let's you go from sprinting to hosing almost instantly.  The laser sight tightens the hipfire spread and since it's normally a 3 hit kill out to 20 meteres, this weapon kills very fast at close range.

Fast hands let's me switch to the knife if I need to sprint someplace over a longer distances taking advantage of the knifes increased sprint duration. It also gets me right back to the gun in a pinch and allows the combat axe and concussion grenade to fly quicker.  Scavenger keeps the grenades and bullet supply full.  The combat axe is a nice back up if I get ambushed during a reload.  Finally, the variable zoom scope gives the class some long range ability should the need arise. Since I am relying on hip fire for 80% of my kills I don't worry about the slow aim times. The scope is just there incase I need to have a longer range gun fight and it cannot get screwed over  by an emp grenade the way a target finder can.

There is a lot of room to modify this class if you want to customize it or try it out.  LMG's are very versitile, but you have to pick what you want them to do. 

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