Why Treyarch Did The Right Thing With Lag Compensation

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I actually haven't noticed much lag at all, could it maybe be something that is affecting certain regions? I did have bad lag once in a while on MW3, but Blops2 seems fine to me . I did rage quit from 1 match so far, and it was because I couldnt hit anything.. Turned out I was host. But other than host disadvantage I haven't noticed any problems, at least not nearly as bad as some people have mentioned. And I do have a decent connection the fastest and most reliable ISP in my area anyway.

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Re: Why Treyarch Did The Right Thing With Lag Comp...

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Hello everyone and fellow gamers. I play this game because I love it yes the good the bad and the ugly of this game. I play with my wife and we always split screen. I have cable Internet with the fastest connection possible. I do support lag comp. I feel that it does make the game more even. How are everyone suppose to play league and make the stats worth something if it is not an even playing field. However, what i do not support and everyone will possible agree is the host disadvantage. Since i do have one of the fastest Internet the game thinks i should always be the host. This is not a problem. However, when i am playing the game and no one will die at all even with a shotgun to the face. This is an issue. This happens because not only am i the host i am also split screening causing a double disadvantage.I do want the lag connection, I like the lag comp. I just want it to be fair to all even the host. Please understand that I am not a stats junkie I have a k/d of .69. So thanks for reading and please lets at least get this one little problem fixed for the fairness of the game. Thanks.

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OP I get what you say, and your right, yet 99% of people on this forum are clueless to what Lag comp dose for them. I dont agree with your play to win ruins the game, but not enough lag comp certainly dose.

Even if you had the worlds fastest internet speed, you would still be at a disadvantage to another player who was closer to the host if there were not enough lag compensation.

But you cant tell this forum, because nearly everyone on here knows nothing about what lag comp really is, and when they get BS on by a player closer to the host they blame that instantly on lag comp, when in fact the real blame was lack of enough lag comp to have evened out the distance between them and the host.

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Re: Why Treyarch Did The Right Thing With Lag Comp...

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What pisses me off is the game'll have you think you're actually killing someone... until they turn around and down you in 2 shots.

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the lag comp in this game is overboard! they gotta dial it back some.

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Bulletmunc wrote:

First off, I know I'm going to catch a bunch of crap from those who can't seem to PTFO, and from others who are desperately pissy because they found out that whatever "advantage" they never had is gone. But anyways, I should probably get on to why Treyarch did the right thing with going with lag compensation.

In this game, the idea of getting the fastest internet connection out there to be granted host so you can crap on everyone is pretty much what everyone wants. You want to win, get the highest K/D spread and a reputable ratio to make you cream your panties and be a god amongst men. Awesome, I get that you want to win, but have you ever thought about what lag compensation or the lack thereof does to online gaming?

Short story: Without lag compensation, you're playing "Pay To Win", and that's basically to most unsportsmanlike type of gaming out there today. People who PTW are the ones that have pretty much either ruined gaming for the rest of us, or care so damn much about their precious stats that they have no problem trading real currency for virtual items (One could argue that Pay to Win could be similar to a gambling addiction). Furthermore, without Lag Compensation, any sort of competing is not really authentic, and the mechanics behind online transmission of player positions is essentially pointless. Furthermore, one could argue that without lag compensation, those who have higher ping times could still probably do better than those with lower ping times, because after all, there's more latency in updating player position, which could favor those with higher ping times.

So what does lag compensation do, and why should we support it? First off, it makes sure that we all are on equal footing, and that "bullshit" doesn't happen simply because you have faster internet. But why should I suffer when I pay more for my internet you say? Uh, go back to reading about Pay to Win, and realize that you should not in a competition be given favor simply because you spent more money on a product. It's unsportsmanlike and defeats the purpose of competitive gaming, which is to pit players against one another equally, not pit them against one another in a lopsided match.

BUT LAGGGGG! You cry, yes server loads are at their absolute highest during launch. We all know this little children, we've been gaming for years. That's why you either wait to buy a product after server density dies down, or you suck it up and play through it as the engineers work on making sure it works for EVERYONE and not just you. So, while a patch is made (and they will be made, because Treyarch actually has a reputable status of making and getting patches out for their community, unlike IW), enjoy your fun or f**k off and whine somewhere else.

But then again, maybe making this post is pointless, because all the cry-babies come on this forum to ***** and moan, while the thousands of other people are actually... you know, having fun on the game.

So before you go on another rant about how "MY K/D SUCKS WAAHHHHHHH!!!!" or "I SHOT THAT GUY FIRST AND I DIDN'T KILL HIM WAHHHHHH!!!!" or "LAG COMPENSATION SUCKS, I HAVE FAST INTERNET, COD IS BAD WAHHHHH!!!!", just remember that you're one of those gamers that the rest of us probably don't like, nor care about. We as a community will not miss you, and you can go back to sitting in your corner, lonewolfing it, while the rest of us play the objective and win.

I agree. 

The funny thing here is that everyone that replied flaming you pretty much proved your point. 

Of course there are lag issues in this game.  There are lag issues in every online game.  Hell even World of Warcraft has lag issues.

Treyarch can't fix lag.  Only your ISP can try and reduce lag.  Or maybe someone can make a form of internet with <1ms latency <1ms ping to anywhere.  But that's only just starting to happen and won't be available to the mass public for a while.

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Look m8 what point do you agree with? The point that he thinks nothing is wrong with the current implementation of the netcode except their servers and our attitude?

Open your eyes there are widespread complaints about this games online functionality.

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Lag has nothign to do with how much (or little) bandwidth you have.  It has to do with latency (ping), which is tied to how close the host is to you and how many router hops your connection needs to make to reach host.

56k is enough bandwidth for online FPS.  However network latency must be low.

You could have 100Mbps/100Mbps connection and it wouldn't help you.  Latency is the only relevant metric when considering lag. high bandwidth does not improve latency only your physical distance from host plays a role.

(in other words, any argument of "pay to win" is not relevant)

Matchmaking doesn't give host to the user with the most bandwidth, it gives it to the person who is the most centrally located to all other players in the lobby (lowest ping to the most players).

Lag compensation is an artificial delay added to put those with low pings at the same delay with those with high pings.

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Yep I love shooting smoeone, there player does the bullet dance. Then all of the sudden  BLAM! no flinching, no blood screen, no controller rumble, just instant fall, and you see the guy reloading, the instant I hit the ground, obviously he's ahead of me in some way connection wise

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I'm gunna put this out there, I'm in an MLG clan. I'm good, very good; but in games with lag compensation I stuggle to get a k/d of 1.0!  In games without lag comp, I can easily get 10.0 k/d with streaks of 30 or more.
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