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Who are the Activision, Treyarch, Black Ops 2 people we should be hearing from in the forums?  We see no indication that anyone from these three entities are even reading our posts.  And any of you gamers out there who pretend to be officials, you should be ban by the real officials.

We have questions, concerns, gripes about our favorite franchise and we want to know that somone is listening.  As far as we can tell we only have "Gamers" replying to other "Gamers" posts.  Is this all about the money?  Or is it about creating the best gaming experience for all gamers?

We want answers, we want to know that you care and that you are doing something about it.  Or if your not doing something about it, then why?  I continue to get requests for surveys on "How Are We Doing".  Well to be honest, unless we see some results other than "RESOLVED" on our complaints, as far as I am concerned your not doing very good at all.

Look, I understand that you would have a hard time listening to everyone, but be assured, not all COD gamers are posting on the forums or fileing complaints.  However, those of us who are you should be listening to.  And I know that some of the input is worthless as some gamers are so frustrated or are just ass holes and put up stuff that is stupid or does not make sense, but you have to sift through the garbage to find the diamonds.  These people have good and even great ideas that could be beneficial to the game.

We should be asking you to fill out our surveys.

1. Do you think you fixed the problem I submitted?

2. Did you tell the developers about the idea I had for the game?

3. Do you think I will try to contact you again for other issues in the future?

4. Do you think your forums really help?

In conclusion, if the game is really for us, then we should have more input, acknowledgement, and confirmation.


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well said sir,

     I agree with you 100% if feel like they released the game and then said ok we got their money now lets start working on the next one.  I do not feel that they are doing anything to address the problems that people are listing on here.  All I see is posts linking us to twitter and things like that.  If they are going to use twitter to address the problems then what is the point of the forum.  I know there are a lot of legitimate ideas and complaints on here but I have a feeling that it is falling on deaf ears.  I feel like they are not listening to us at all this time around and it is a real depressing thought, I am not the best gamer on here I play to have fun and relax with my friends, I don't care about the quickscoping, drop shooting, halo jumping and all that BS but the lag, spawn trapping and all the legit problems need to be addressed.

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I agree with you and I've said it before on these forums, there needs to be some kind of recognition of the major issues that are affecting the game. Twitter is no different, they don't answer the major issues there either.

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Would be nice to see them actually admit there is an issue. The major one now is the software glitch involving playing Local then playing online. Doing this can cause you to lose calling cards, emblems, camos, ranks, and even prestige levels. I have been pouring through the boards and found that this issue was first escalated to Treyarch on 12/7/2012. Nearly a month later, they have still not corrected the problem, they have not made an announcement warning people not to do it until it is fixed, and several hundred (if not thousands) of us are left without many of the items we earned and unlocked. All I can say is BOOOOO to Treyarch and their sorry excuse for "tech support". I have contacted SEVERAL people and the only update I can get is "there is no update".....piss poor if you ask me

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Well I hope that with the release of the next gen consoles we get better results. This game is pretty solid and I feel the devs are listening but I know Respawn Entertainment is keeping a very close eye on their creation. I bet my house that Respawn will blow CoD out of the water, not that I want them to, just sick of the lack of hc options in this game. Everyone who plays hc knows it's the only way to get a decent experience from the game. I hope the devs are hard at work making sure the next gen CoD works better.

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Great post OP.

I'm not here to tell you that 3arch is perfect or that they actually do business the way I think they should, but they are fixing thing. They respond to hacks and major problems much faster than InfinityWard ever does. I stopped buying IW's releases after MW2 and will never go back.

That said, this has been the worst release by 3arch IMO. The lag problems is really my only concern as a it goes to broken. Everything else I have to bitch about is personal pref and I really don't expect to see anything change on that front unless a huge majority speaks up.

But speaking about the lag issues. I am probably more understanding than most for 2 reasons. I have personal working knowlege of both networking and game netcoding / lag comp. Not the code they are working with (unless it is a fluke that they are using the same base as I have worked with) but with what I would expect to be a very similar system. It takes time for lag comp systems to collect game data and adjust itself, that's just the way it works. I have seen improvements in hit registration and lag comp over the last month. Not saying all have but I certainly have.

Anyway, I'll shut up. Probably have already out typed my welcome :-)

Have some faith that they do listed (some) and that over time some things will just get better by design.

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