Which would you rather have?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Would you rather have a game that runs smooth yet is a cluster fluck like MW2 or a game that runs like crap yet doesn't have many rage inducing things like BO2? I, personally, want a smooth running game that is a balance nightmare which is why MW2 is my favorite CoD. I might get blown up 27 times a game but damn it I'm not going get get shot around a wall or lose a fight cause I was shooting blanks.

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i want skill based matchmacking gone im allways the best on my team with other people on my team struggling to get poitive im also finding that theres one person on my team who has got a kd of 0.2 at best and then the other team is getting beast killstreaks becuse of them

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I would take a FPS that works well on the basis of networking over any other type.  I doesnt matter how many features there are if the game basics dont work.  I want to win gunfights where I am supposed to win and lose those I am supposed to lose.

Thats really all I need to be happy.

I had a lot of fun in MW2.

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