Whats with this 1 Minute Probation?...Treyarch bows to Pressure?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Did Treyarch finally succomb to the pressure and give in a bit for a 1 minute Probation?...i never heard of this 1 minute until today...after the patch...it has always been 5 minutes...

So i guess everyone saying that Probation is here to stay and nothing can be done about it have been shown to be complete liars giving out false information...just like Egypts leaders keep falling to pressure and protests...the same thing happens here...more protests more threads less people playing the game(will spend less money on their products...main reason)...and soon the probation will be gone forever and those who support it will run off with there tail between their legs and cry.

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I got a 1 min probation today after 3 host migrations in a single game and the last one failed to connect. I was wondering about the 1 min aswell. Backed out of a lot of games though I have never dashboarded and never got a warning. So I don't know spent my time looking at how many people were in the playlist

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i got a probation warning for when my modem disconnected in the middle of a game, and for when i was playing a dead game of 4v2 the host just dashboarded at the end of the game and it punished me because he was bored

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