Whats the new update?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

May have just been to update the message to alert of Double XP weekend on Jan 25th.

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If more of the Community engaged in factual and functional discussion instead of vitriol and slander, the devs would be more communicative.

Unfortunately we misbehave and so the devs don't communicate to the extent we would like - sad but true

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Could be a preparation update for the map packs.

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couldnt tell you what the hotfix was, but i see no difference in gameplay.  actually may be worse now.  lots of wtf moments now.

treyarch is losing my confidence in them as devs

hate to say it.  the game had serious potential, but ever since that .21 update a few weeks back, this game sucks monkey balls.

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its worse.... every single lobby has one moron thats completely invinceable thats eating 4-5 point blank hitmarkers with the pump shottie and still running... or prefiring 2 seconds before you round a corner

this game is a peice of shit... it was passable up until a week ago... but in typical COD fashion, they are progressively making it worse..

while STILL refusing to acknowledge the issues entirely

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