Whats changed this time?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Whats changed this time?

Well, I dont know where to start, but everytime they patch this damn game, my game goes to S*** Have they nerfed any weapons? I mainly use the Vector, but since patch/update it's become God awful.

We all know how 'Inconsistant' this game is, but it's getting towards a joke, me and my friends are all experainceing problems.

One of them gets 5 minutes probation in Hardcore matches BEFORE HE EVEN PLAYS A GAME, happens each time he logs in lol. However today, I felt like giving up, 8 games, 8 losses, 4 different lobbies, each game there was 2 at the bottom around 4/20 etc etc.  So many times I was prefired on, or the enemy simply see me way before I see them, It did feel like I was a sec or two behind.  When playing Solo I do get matched up with some very poor teams, you can only do so much before you wish a black hole would appear and suck up the idiot going 2/20

I have even tried to accept that this is just how the game is, but I can't, everytime I shoot a guy in the back and he spins around and kills me in what seems like 2 bullets it's so damn annoying.

Also Rocket launchers, what the hell are wrong with these things? I have fired several at people today and just got a hit marker...It's a bloody Rocket launcher!!! I have also noticed if you fire and die, nothing happens...it just vanishes...Poof! Into thin air...Brilliant...

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Re: Whats changed this time?

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its a shame but that is the game for a lot of people apart from a small part of the community who seem to always have the lag comp advantage and so go around smashing everyone beleiving they are gods lol

they'll tell you you have no skill and that you should quit moaning.

i on the other hand will say trade it and get a decent game, crysis 3 open beta was quite interesting to play or there is BF3, i found that pretty dull to be honest but you may love it.

i went back to mw3 along with FPS Russia who i game with a bit

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Re: Whats changed this time?

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The troll strikes again.

First time you haven't mentioned getting owned by quickscopers in a post. Feeling ok?

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Re: Whats changed this time?

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yeah i'm good not trolling just making sure the voice of the silent majority is heard which i represent but am no longer a member of since i started speaking out lol

i do feel bad for the dlc owners as its additional outlay, if you pay for something and it breaks ya game its just s*it

like buying a turbo for ya car and finding its made it slower.

or getting shot by a quick scoper lol only jokin

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