-- What would you like to see fixed in Blops 2? --

Black Ops II Xbox 360

So far, everyone seems to have a good list of pros for the game content in Blops 2.  To help people's message get heard, tell us what YOU would want to see different/fixed in the game to improve your gaming experience...

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Bigger and more open Maps that aren't dominated by hipfire SMGs, i have no problem with SMGs but the maps have all the same playstyle, run n gun, spray and pray. except Carrier.

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Bigger maps with some clear sight lines in dlc other than that I'm good.

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I would also like some bigger maps.  I miss the WaW maps every time a new CoD comes out.  I miss big open areas that made you look before running to the next cover area.  Getting tired of people flying all over the map and you have no Idea what way is what.  I play a lot of HC SnD and some of the maps are ok for it but there are others where you run for 3 sec's and start firing.  I want bigger maps so one team has time to set up and defend and the other team has to counter that.

Time to go back to old school stuff.  Remake WaW. 

of topic:  I also miss when they did beta tests on xbox.  I played WaW for a good month when it was being beta tested.  Everything was looked over and fixed.  I only remember maybe 3 things they fixed in the game when it came out.  Such a good game.

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The connection

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1. Lag Compensation

2. Matchmaking

3.hit markers

4. everything else

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1. fix the achievements for demolition game modes.

2. server kicks me off and i get probation for leaving early?

3. get your servers together!

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the spawn points fixed!!

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For me to stop dying!!!

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