What the hell is up with the sound?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

What the hell is up with the sound?

I'm new to the forums, so sorry of I'm beating a dead horse, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

I have Ear Force PX3 w/ surround sound from Turtle Beach. These are $200 headphones I invested in specifically for playing Call of Duty. I also have Ear Force X11s that I kept from a few years ago. This is a combined $260 in headset equipment Black Ops 2 has now rendered completely useless.

There's plenty of other things I'm not too happy about (ghost killing is crap, hip firing is a joke, the maps are garbage), but I'm downright pissed off that I've spent my hard earned money into these headsets that are now just as good as using the speakers from my television. What. The. Hell.

Time and time again, I'm shot/knifed by people - without dead silence, might I add - from a mere 5 feet away without having the slightest clue they existed. This quote from a thread I read the other day sums it up quite nicely, "I have tritton ax720s with dolbe 7.1 surround sound and I couldn't hear footsteps until my dead body was being teabagged".

People say, "Well wait until you have dead silence and awareness, it improves it a little".... WRONG. I played the "league matches" or whatever it's called, set both of these perks with excitement, and was knifed numerous times by people without dead silence the very next game. It's complete and utter bull.

Honestly, trying to manipulate people with headphones and trying to take the advantage - the one they paid for, might I add - and turn it into a perk is downright ludicrous. So far the only people I've heard saying they can hear footsteps just fine are those with the official Black Ops 2 Turtle Beaches... ironic?

Please, for the love of God, fix the damn footseps. I can put up with the rest of the crap in this game, but completely wasting the money I've put into my headsets is such a low move.

- My Lightz

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Re: What the hell is up with the sound?

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There's TWO sound problems:

1: No enemy footsteps

2: Gunfire is inaudible on ~35 meters / 100 feet ranges: I've had SMG users snipe me on the distance, making me go "oh, a suppressed SMG!" -- only to hear the gun loud and clear in the killcam.

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