What's your highest win streak in TDM, Core and HC

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Playing with my clan first week we managed -

Core TDM 62 game win streak.

Hard core TDM 22 game win streak.

These will be hard to match has for the momment most of our clan has stopped playing till things improve !

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18.  It was in the first week of launch and i have no idea how we did it .

Core TDM. 

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HC CTF - 178 and counting

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I call BS on that. 178 games strait without the host disconnecting would be a miracle in this game. My friends list is full of players who had 1000+ win streaks in MW3 and now their best streaks are under 80.

My best streak is in Dom at 48.

My best current streak is in TDM at 29.

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