What's the most relevant stat for how good a player is?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I noticed my spm hasn't been going up anymore and didn't think to attribute that to playing gun game and stuff recently.... Good to know.

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I don't think there is any stat in game that will show you how good a player is.

To many factors to concider.



Diamond camo's (can be a real pain and hurt your gameplay)

Goofing around (trolling)

The stats you can view are completely decieving.

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You would have to find someway to evaluate the player's team and enemies to weight their stats.  Without a ranked ladder it would take a lotta reviewing of games and spreadsheet work to figure out how good someone is.

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Easiest way to gauge how good someone is? Play with them for awhile.

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Short answer: SPM.

Longer answer: There is no true reflection (due to party boosting).

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The number of bars they have for connection.

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How happy they sound when they are playing the game.

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Depends on the game mode. I play hckc 99% of the time and find that an even k/d and w/l shows they play the objective as a team player.

My stats, kd-1.4 wl-1.41 spm-314

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