What's the most relevant stat for how good a player is?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Wow, lotsa posts. Not gonna read em all, just gonna answer the OP..

There is not one stat that on its own dictates skill. If you're a stats person, then it's a mix of all three.

High K/D and low W/L shows you are a quitter/dashboarder

High W/L and low K/D shows you are carried by your team too often

High K/D, W/L and low SPM shows camper, or at very least an inability to play Obj, i.e. not team player, kill-whore

Low K/D, high W/L and SPM shows you just play Obj, but do not kill people, or you steal everyone's dog tags

High K/D, W/L and SPM shows well rounded team player (someone I want on my team )

It should be noted that W/L is heavily influenced by playing as a team, or lone-wolfing with randoms.

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Do they have a mic?

I'll play with someone with a mic over someone with a 4.00 K/D ratio anyday.

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Yes I do >This is FukYou
Seems some jobs worth decided to ban my account with out reason.

Goto love how they have made it impossible to contact and get it dealt with in any way also. Sad staff members with nothing better to do

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Hah, well you play with people with a mic that eat chips, sing songs, play music, yell at their mom etc all you want. Just because they have a mic doesn't mean the use it for anything worthwhile :-) I'll take someone who can play well over someone that just has a mic any day.

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i would say if its a random player, look at their last 5 games, and see how consistant they are, i think thats the best way to tell

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I dont think that is always true how ever.

A bad team can really screw a good players score and consistency. I know my KD some times drops hard not because im playing any worse but simply the team is that bad and running around like headless chicken you are left fighting from all sides and by the time you can get a handle the match is over of they have stupid  scorestreaks and you cant possibly win.

It is simply best to play with some one a few matchs and see how you play together

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well its not just one stat that says it, if your really interested and careabout how good a player is, and want to investigate them, then you would look at their last 5 games, and if they were able to stay above a 2.0 each game, id say thats pretty good.. then you look at WL and SPM and put it together

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PandasRpeople2 wrote:

Is it Score Per Minute, K/D ratio, or Win/Loss ratio?

none of the above.

In Blops 2 the most important stat is their connection.

In past CoDs though, it's a combination of K/D and SPM

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none of the stats can tell you how good a player is

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every stat is boosted, so i really look at their last couple of games.  also check the leaderboard for gamemode specific spm

if that person plays any type of party game, their overall spm drops like a rock.   one account I have an overall spm of 175 and the other is over 350.  im the same player, but i use one account alot to play party games like stick-n-stones.

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