What's the most relevant stat for how good a player is?

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There isn't a camper stat, or that would be it.

1. K/D

2. SPM

3. W/L (in FFA)

4. Weapons used

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i wouldnt use KD ratios as an example. they are not reliable. i could start out horrible from day 1, using only a crossbow, a shield etc etc and just do horrible... but as soon as i switch to assault rifles, its game on, and would be normal gameplay. what im saying is people could screw the KD ratio up on purpose.

SPM... mine on HCKC is only a 240, because i hardly pick up tags, especially if im being tactical because thats the first place the enemy looks.. etc etc

W/L ratio... i could care less if i win. if i go 50-3 and we loose by 1 point... not a very good judge of someones skill level.

short and sweet: unless they do have a killer KD ratio and SPM or W/L ratio, theres no way to tell unless you play them.

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You're only as good as your last match.

Stats just show how consistent you are. Since they can be manipulated or cheatd for... I ony use them to monitor my own progress.

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W/L is not that great to measure skill with since it is totally dependent upon the team you play with and how well they do. A good team of friends has a higher chance of winning and having a higher w/l in general compared to a team of randoms taht do not normally play with each other.

K/D is not really that great to use either, since it can be manipulated easier than w/l by dashboarding.

SPM is not that great either, for all it takes is someone to run around a few matches and get a high spm by killling people or taking out lots of equipment with emp nades.

I have had a 350 SPM from just spamming emp nades and then dieing to restock them and continueing getting all the emp nade support score from them. And went severely negative on k/d that match.

So none of them really are that great or reliable to use on their own. You really need to look at all of them as a average and then you see the bigger picture of how the person plays.

a good k/d and w/l with a good spm means they are a good player. having a single high stat alone does not.

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Well, I'd still say W/L

I'm not a great player, but I can occasionally bring my team the victory solo.

When I play with friends, that ALMOST guarantees wins the whole night.

A great player IMHO would have a good K/d and good W/L.

Their attitude totally depends on how good they are as well

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I'm sorry, but a great SpM shows they're a fast killer. I prefer to be slower... Smiley Happy

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So your that guys hiding prone in the far corner of the map waiting for me to walk by only to get shot by me because you weren't expecting me then come to the forums and make 10 threads a day about lag comp "ruining" the game?

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It's always going to be a combination of all 3.

Also, K/D matters in KC as much as TDM. If you're going severely negative every game, you're handing the enemy tags, and I don't want you on my team.

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