What's the most relevant stat for how good a player is?

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Is it Score Per Minute, K/D ratio, or Win/Loss ratio?

Personally I'd say win/loss ratio (which interestingly is something you can't see in Lobby Leaderboards).  The win/loss ratio speaks to how well you can play the game modes that you do play, whether the objective is to capture points or just to kill people in TDM and FFA.

An obsession with K/D isn't warranted for any game mode other than TDM.  But I will say that it's stupid for the Leaderboard rankings to be based on SPM across the board.  They should be tailored to the game mode.  For example, rankings for Demolition should be based on a composite of a player's plants and defends; in Kill Confirmed it should be based on number of tags captured, etc.

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Been saying this since day one. SPM means nothing when someone boosts for one game to get a high rank and then never plays again.

Or even genuinely good players who play one or two games only, yet hold a top 10k spot forever because they did amazing that one time.

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The W/L.

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It's K/D and W/L together. If someone has I high K/D and a low W/L, they probably just join objective games and camp for kills. If they have a low K/D and a high W/L, they might suck, but play with a team that carries them.

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However, if they normally play with a team and have a high K/D but also a high W/L, maybe they still just camped for kills while the rest of the team won.

It takes more than just one or two stats to determine how helpful a player will be. Game modes, SPM, K/D, tags collected if it's KC, flags capped if it's Dom, etc. etc. I don't think you can ever just rely on one or the other.

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thats not necessarily true. when i first start up 9/10 times i get into a game where they are down oveer 85 points and its close to the end so those w/l add up quick. so you can have a high k/d not camp and still have a low w/l.

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There are no stats in this game that would indicate how good someone is for a variety of reasons.  Stats mean very little in this game, especially bo2, except to see your own improvement.

If you want to know how good or bad someone is, you need to play with them or against them.  Rather than look at k/d, spm, w/l -- look at these:   are they a good team player?  Do they do callouts?  Do they play the objective?  Do they join the team in any tactics?   Etc...

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There isn't one.

Stats are for e-peen and youtube

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deppends if u solo obj gamemodes dom hq hardpoint ect, 370+ spm 1.50+ kdr 1.30+ w/l. your k/d will allways be higher than ur w/l because of randoms but as alone as you try your hardest its all good.

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For BO2, SPM is the best measuring stick.

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