What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on BO2

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Haha you play HC, it always the user in HC all u have to do is shoot someone and not miss. In reg sometimes it is the gun thats why they do updates/patches. You need to look at what you say and who you say it to before posting, NTM u play hardcore.lol

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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Here a list of things I think could use changes:


- Raise TDM and FFA kill to 125 points per kill

- Lower KC kills to 25 points per kill (confirms stay the same).

- Objective games: Lower points per kill outside the objective to 25 or 50 depending on game type, raise objective kills to 150 up from 125. Raise capture/secure/plants by 50-100 points.

- Lower Run speed by 25-35%. This is causing a lot of the Chaos problems IMO(probably some lag problems too).

- Remove revenge spawns.

- Add more spawn locations and better spawn calculations

- Lower Skill-basis of matchmaking. Focus more on latency. Add a 50ms section to matchmaking.

- Lower overall flinch when shot. Right now, unless you use toughness...a stray bullet can be the difference between getting any hit at all, on certain weapons. It would also lower the necessity of toughness...providing an adequate buff/nerf. It would make toughness give you almost no flinch when hit...but since weapons could now be used without toughness(but with still some difficulty), it would reduce the need to use it and players using it.


- Ghost : Return it to its previous iteration. Honestly, I think this would make games more versatile and interesting. Its semi-broken on occasion now. I liked the idea at first...but it just doesn't work as well as it should...and I doubt with subtle tweaks it ever would.

- Combine Cold-blooded - Blind eye. Both seem a tad underpowered at the moment, and rarely used as a result. Blind eye is used some...but people only seem to use it to combat hunter killers if anything. Add a revised Perk from a previous entry or an entirely new perk to replace the empty slot.

- Hardwired : Make your equipment take twice as long to hack and two emps to destroy. Now people would use it either to avoid getting HuD/map decimated...or to protect their equipment based classes. People would actually use it...and its a simple buff that would at best make it even with the other perks. This also solves the need to nerf EMP grenades, as now you have the choice to use hardwired...and if you don't you have no reason to complain.

- Fast Hands : Increase speed of going/getting up from prone/crouch by 40-50%. Slightly improve speed of Black hat time by 15%.

- Combine Awareness/Dead Silence : Make general sound stronger...and make awareness work, but with STRICT distance footsteps/reload sound limits(I made a post in another thread on how to do this). This will prevent Sound VSAT and sound whoring, but make it usable for close proximity engagements. This will also remove DS complaints as the perk will make two players using it, counter to normal. Add a new perk/revamp an old unused one to replace the empty slot.


- Defense Trophy : make it protect against 3 explosives up from 2. Improve health as well. Atm they die to easy...and a low ground far distance EMP, or black hat can easily stop them. WIth the amount of explosives tossed in this game, it also makes them almost worthless even with two side by side. Combined with the hardwired changes...and people might actually plant them more often.

- Sensor Grenade : Double the length of time it exists when thrown. Improve Range of sensor by 25-50%. They disappear so fast, that by the time you've made it into the building or area you tossed it is already gone.

- Concussion : Cause recoil/accuracy to double in size when hit. Lower concussive time by 2 seconds. Increase speed of use and explosion when bouncing. Prevent self-concussion in all modes but HC.

- Flashbang : Increase Bang size by 25-35%. Lower time effected by 3-5 seconds. Prevent self-flash in all modes but HC.

- Black Hat : Make it permanent. In turn increase length of time to hack by 40-50% per hack.

Weapons :

- M1216 : Increase range by 3M. Slightly lower damage per pellet and Slightly increase spray of pellets.

- S12 : Increase range by 2M. Slightly lower damage per pellet.

- KSG : Set Headshot range to equal 0HK body damage range(Headshot range is far too gigantic. Its normal 0HK range is more appropriate). Increase aim assist at very close range to prevent disappearing bullets. Slightly Improve ADS and reload times.

- Fal : Set minimum kill to 3shots(unless both headshots) to kill...4 shots at far Longshot distance if you don't get at least 1 headshot. Improve Semi and Full auto by 30-50RPM faster to offset weaker bullets.

- SMR : Improve range beyond its already large range to make 2 shot kill at all ranges. Lower Semi and Full auto by 30-50 RPM to offset pure 2shot at all range.

- Scar: Slightly lower Recoil, to improve far distance battles.

- Type 25: Raise headshot multiplier to 1.5. Raise far range damage to 25 from 22. Raise Reload time to offset higher Focused damage. Possibly raise ADS slightly to offset as well.

- M27: Raise Headshot and damage to match Type 25. Raise Reload time to offset higher focused damage.

- An-94: Give initial 2-3 bullets slightly less recoil. Allowing it to be seen more as the hybrid burst/auto AR that it should be.

- M8A1: Raise headshot multiplier above 1 to 1.1 or 1.2 to allow a 1hit kill with a well aimed shot. The nerf that lowered damage makes it inconsistent at longer ranges. A well aimed burst to the head -upper body should have the capacity to kill at all ranges given its 4 bullets.

- SWAT: Made it a one burst kill at even the long ranges...but delay the 3rd bullet slightly requiring a mostly static target to guarantee a kill. (at the very furthest ranges, require that one of the bullets hit the head/neck to get the 0HK).

- LMGs : Increase their damage template from close/mid range out to longer distances. Slightly improve ADS speeds, and slightly weaken reload even further. Lower speed while using by an additional 5-10%.  This will make LMGs acquire the template of the BIG-STRONG weapons...but with major deficits that can cause problems at very close range, and when in need of a reload.

- Ballista : Make original sway match ballistics CPU. With CPU attached, make it remove sway completely. This would make the most accurate players choose this weapon over the DSR. Right now, its a tad behind due to its inconsistent OHK at shots around the torso.

- SMGS : Raise recoil by 25-30%. Lower damage at range slightly, and remove damage at longshot distance completely. In turn, Raise Fire Rates or Damage at closer ranges. Slightly improve rapid fire recoil on certain weapons to offset what would be almost uncontrollable with the raised recoil. This should seperate SMGs from ARs, solidifying SMGs at closer ranges and ARs at longer ranges. It also prevents SMGS from getting nerfed without some form of buff tradeoff.


- RC-XD: Improve health slightly. Lower points needed to get scorestreak by 100. This would make it an ok streak, but still pretty bad. It might actually be useable.

- Counter UAV: Lower it to match UAV

- Hellstorm: lower to 600

- Deathmachine: lower to 650

- Dragonfire: Double health, and Lower to 850

- AGR: Slightly Improve Speed

- EMP: Lower to 1100

- K9: Improve Dogs to original BLOPs strength if not more. To weak atm.

- Swarm: Make it bypass blind eye. Its 1900 ffs. In return, prevent it from being acquired with a care package.

- All air support Double Health from bullets, and add 1 additional flare. LMGs or snipers with FMJ kill them in seconds.


Due to the number of changes I listed, You might think this is huge or completely alters what exists. If you read the changes...most are actually very subtle, removing only major weakness and major strengths. Several are there merely to increase weapon/equipment uniqueness. Only the general and several perk changes would be large. The game would mostly play as it already does, but without the chaos and cheap kills/destroys that exist in the game.

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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kc is an objective game mode and kills in an objective game mode are 50 points so thats not changing. what they need to do is make the kills in team deathmatch worth "objectives" since they really are the only objectives and make them worth 150.

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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Most of the objective game modes give 100 points per kill. Not sure about Capture the flag. Its been awhile. Same with S&D. Play bonus, where it switches. Most are 100 per kill. I think you might be thinking about experience per kill.

KC is obviously 50 though.

However, In KC, some players are still able to abuse the scorestreak system at 50. Get more kills using 50, and grab 1-2 tags, and you end up doing just as well as TDM, but possibly with a little bit more safety. If it were 25, than you would have to consider grabbing tags.

Objective modes should be lowered to 50 per kill(something like demolition possibly 25), and in return increase the amount you get for killing players in the objective areas.

Example is right now most are 100 per kill + 25 for a an objective kill that isn't a capture kill. If they flipped it around so you get 25 for a kill and an extra 100 points for an objective kill than more players would focus on the objective, rather than on things like "Spawn killing/trapping" or random area hiding which happens a lot in objective game modes.

It would be the same amount for an objective kill, but your placing the focus on objective, rather than random killing.

KC gives 50+100...thats 25 more per objective kill. And its a lot easier to get an objective kill in KC. Lowering a kill to 25, than 100 for a tag, matches it with the rest.

Some I said "maybe 50" because there are some where its hard to determine exactly what can be considering moving toward an objective. IE in domination and hardpoint. Those two can incorporate more of the map in the battles, and more flow of movement.

However, there is still some spawn killing/trap and non objective play in those modes. If 50 was the kill on those two modes, it would balance it out better.


Only reason I said 125 for TDM...is 150 might be a tad much...hard to say exactly. 125 would also match up with all the other modes in that case for 125 objective based killing.

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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Raise TDM kills to 125 but then increase the total score to 100 perhaps?

CTF you get 200 points for killing someone whilst you hold the flag, 125 for being near a point of interest, and 100 for everything else.

In Demolition you could increase the score to plant and defuse a bomb because I've seen players kill me only to then run away from the bomb I've just planted.

If you reduce the number of points for a kill in Domination people will moan that you've ruined the game...

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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1 small emp nade shouldnt be able to take out your entire scoretreak hud red dot.you will know how op emps are when you keep getting emp naded like 20 times in a match for such a long time i also think a throphy systhem should get destroyed after it destroyes 1 emp that sounds like a good idea.plus if you want to destroy enemy thropy systems you can use blackhat pda

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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Use hardwired and streaks which aren't impacted by EMPs! Shocking idea, I know, but lets start a revolution and adapt to how the enemy is playing!

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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Remington needs to be nerfed.

Hard wired was buffed (for those who don't know) know it let's u:

Immune to cuav, emp and emp grenade

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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GHOSTandGALIL wrote:

Remington needs to be nerfed.


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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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My personal opinion (swarm already has been buffed, but it just still goes ham)

Dogs need to be buffed, don't know what happened to them cuz in black ops they showed how cheese they were

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