What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on BO2

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nerf the knife lunge once and for all, every year its the same crap super lunge. GET RID OF IT!!!

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Pretty much everything is balanced in this game. With the exception of the odd SMG ( Skorpion EVO: Rapid Fire. C'mon, it's got like 1,500 Rounds Per Minute. ) and the odd Assault Rifle, I quite like how Treyarch has done this game. Most weapons are balanced, you just need to know how to use them. The people who complain about SMG's being overpowered; Fight them at a distance. People complaining about snipers being overpowered? Get close range to them, you'll kill them incredibly fast. Shotgun? At 15 metre range, those things barely hurt me. You just have to know what the weapon you're using is good at, and then you'll get kills. Many of 'em.

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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Game is balanced IMO. Provided further fine adjustments based on data I have no objection. I find it too hard to guess what will be buffed and nerfed as balanceis not too bad.

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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What Needs To Be Done:


SMG's - need to reduce the accuracy from the hip an a slight touch of recoil will ADSing

Remington - Needs a slower pump action and maybe a reduction in range or damage per pellet

Full Auto Fal - Needs a major nerf

Target Finder - Needs to be changed to how MW3 had marksman or at least make the diamond smaller and not show untill im at least halfway round a corner heck the target finder knows im coming round a corner before i make that decision

LMG's- Need a touch more recoil when eqipped with a silencer

Snipers- need a reduction in auto aim for starters and then a few more tweaks like ads time and more recoil and more damage view kick along some small buffs some need some small nerfs to certain snipers

EMP Grenades - need a range reduction heck i use them on nearly every class, at least 400 points per games just from assists

Loadstar - Needs to be 1700 points not 1500 or at least swapped with the gunship

Scavenger- Needs to only replenish tactical's and lethal's if a player is using the tactical's or lethal's that you are and die with them/ no lie i have it on every class with C4 and EMP/Stuns and the sh*t is ridiculous


TDM & FFA - Score per Kill Raised to 125 points

A couple of other Score Streaks need a buff - Dogs, Warthog, Gunship, AGR (Move Faster)Escort Drone, EMP whether it be making them more powerfull or lowering the amount needed

Hard Wired - Don't know how maybe equipment and point streaks cant be hacked

Ghost - should be do not appear on enemy radar if moving or calling in point streak or have been moving for more than 80% of currant life - sick of moving round the map taking out 3- 4 ppl then take cover to reload or regen health for a couple of seconds and bam im killed from behind because i get put up on the radar

Fast Mags - Increase speed of reload time at the mo there is not really a point using it

EMP - Remove the annoying sound from friendly players while it is active

That about covers the create a class problems with the game if only they could sort the lag, hit detection, players leaving matches, poor match making, campers, fix theatre so it records full games and remove most of the maps and replace them with decent maps we might have a really good game on our hands untill then it wont matter the game will still be poor

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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I really dont agree with any of that lol

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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Neither do I.  The Lodestar could probably be upped in points but as usual the best killstreak/scorestreak isn't the last one.  Has been that way since MW2 may be.

You could probably buff Trophy Systems since they only take a few bullets to destroy I guess.

First time I've seen someone call for a nerf on the LMGs in this game.  It wouldn't be so bad if stock and a suppressor were earlier unlocks.

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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Regarding shotguns...

Military quality ammunition for a shotgun with a proper barrel is lethal up to 100 meters, with an effective range of 45 meters, and ideal maximum range of 25 meters.

The spread is too large on 100 meters to ensure you even hit the target.

On 45 meters, you are almost sure to hit with multiple projectiles (shots)

On 25 meters, you are almost sure to kill, as a cente shot delivers all the projectiles (shots) on target



FAL: 30 minimum damage, 45 maximum damage -- upgrade rate of fire to 650 RPM maximum, 550 RPM fully automatic.

SCAR-H: Increase base centerspeed AND the max damage to 49, minimum damage to 30.

Yes, always a 4 hit kill. It deserves it.

SVU: Lower (improve) ADS time to 0.30 seconds. It's a compact sniper rifle, after all -- and right now the weapons all feel a bit rigid and bound to their class, with few weapons mimicing other class weapons in functionality;


SMR -- Sniper-AR hybrid with mostly AR properties

SVU -- Sniper-AR hybrid with mostly sniper properties

SCAR-H -- AR-LMG hybrid with mostly AR properties

HAMR -- AR-LMG hybrid with mostly LMG properties

PDW57 -- LMG-SMG hybrid with mostly SMG properties

Skorpion -- SMG-AR hybrid with mostly SMG properties

M27 --  SMG-AR hybrid with mostly AR properties

Balance pistols slightly.

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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i can see a biased ness in your thoughts on nerfs..

seems to me your a run and gunner, who has been killed by a target finder, and are upset about it..

the fact is the target finder is perfect the way it is.. it is not OP, cold blood counters it, and just because the cross hair lights up when it hit a cold blood player, doesnt make it OP, it should do that, if the cross hairs are on you it doesnt really matter if it lights up.. your prob dead.. the user would have to have spotted you without the diamond, which is fair... so everyone needs to stop complaining about TF

smgs need a harder nerf.. make them more like the evo

emp grenades are  OP.. shouldnt take out a 9 kill score streak with one toss..

blind eye needs a buff,a nd be immune to all score streaks ie sentry guns, gardians, lightning strikes, hell storms.

AR's i feel do not need a buff, but they do need something to compete with smgs..

LMGs need to have more damage or faster ADS time.. people complain about people camping with it, but you cant run and gun with it.. its really only good to hold down choke points... get over it run and gunners

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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I agree with blind eye suggestions you made, short of guardians. They are not a targeting system. They simply emit microwaves(?) in a straight line, if you are foolish enough to walk into it it should effect you regardless of blind eye.

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Re: What really needs to be nerfed and buffed on B...

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Please fix the smgs and pistols .. there is no way in any world that an smg can shoot accurately across turbine or a pistol for that matter.. put some effing sway in them and PLEASE FIX THE HIPFIRE.. takes 0 skill in this game now

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