What is a good or average K/D?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

i think 1 is average. Just my opinion

Also i think it greatly varies on game modes played........

if you only play search and destroy kills dont come easy

if you play TDM its different

I play alot of hardpoint, now i almost always get the first hardpoint, however, i know that in getting that hardpoint im sure to get shot by an onslaught of players, i take the death for the xp.......depends on your style

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chicom is a definate k/d killer until you get the hang of it

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You tried HC? I hated that gun at first but with laser sight and either ext mags or elect fire it's a beast. It's one I always leave set up now.

Too unreliable in core though.

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I would but I fell victim to the corruption of the stats via local yesterday. I usually play dom

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Your k/d dropped that much from 1 gun?

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.8 is what I will call average, cause this is where I see most poeple.  1.2 is good.

K/D really doesn't mean much because you can have a low K/D and be a great team player, and a person with a high K/D can be a bad team player.

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To be frank if you like the game a k/d of 1 is fine for most. Some people like to mess around and think it's fine to take one for the team and go for the challenges/objective/win. On the other hand if you keep going consistently negative everygame there's a chance you're just feeding the other team streaks which depending on game mode isn't always good.

Don't worry about kd just enjoy the game.

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Yeah as long as your having fun, that's what matters.  I sometimes break out the riot shield.  Thats never good for k/d.

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I had no luck with the thing when I used it and didn't use it since. I'll drop a guy with a shield with a fal just dancing around him hip firing the thing is so weak.

It's a bit more challenging when you get 2 of them in the centre room in standoff in opposite corners though as then they can mess you right up

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