What is a good or average K/D?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

1.22 K/D ain't to bad to be honest i dont think any of my friends really have that good of a K/D i have a 1.43 i was at a 2.41 but i let my friend play on my live account for 10 days cause i wasn't going to be abe to and he took me from 2.41 to like a 0.80 and i have been getting it back but it is really hard because i went from 5K kills and 2700 or so deaths to only 6K killls and 9K deaths its a slow and pain full ladder back up. But i don't care much about K/D this year.

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Got 1.12 and I feel that its noobish,but im rushing recklessly most of the time without a strategy(impatientn00b)

304 SPM

and 0.35 (guess why,yeah ragequitting...)

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