What is a good or average K/D?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I think anything over a kd of one would be average.

I have a 0.78 kd mostly because as soon as I started the game, i dove straight into getting camos for the combat knife and the rest of the specials so I could get diamond camos. once I'm done, i'll attempt to raise it above 1.10

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a kd above 1.00 means your a average cod player. doesnt matter about kd but yea anything above 1 than your decent

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KD only matters if it matters to YOU.. i feel unless your ina  aprty, KD shows how good of a player you are.. how well you do in gun fights

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I'm sitting at 0.97, 1.25 w/l and 325 SPM. KD and SPM have been slowly rising for the past month or so. I'd probably be positive if it wasn't for my suicidal approach to Dom I'm positive in HC KC at least, and my SPM for that is a tidy 350

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There isn't such a thing.

Stats should be abolished from the GAME

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Like others, I think anything over 1.0 is solid. I have friends though that are .8'ish and when they decide to get busy can post huge K/D numbers.

Strangers, regardless of game mode, I prefer running with people that can both Cap and Kill so like at least a slight margin to the postive side in K/D.

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Depends really what game mode you play most eg. If you mostly play FFA and have 1. KD or Above I would say that pretty good especially since you can only get up to a 3KD and that would be a perfect game every game lol .

    For TDM I would say anything above a 1.5 KD is pretty decent .

As for the objective game modes the skies the limit really and KD shows more how much of a kill whore you are lol I've seen some crazy KDs especially in HeadQuarters .

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I'm not sure why threads like this show up in every video game ever...but they always do. K/D only really matters in games like FFA and TDM. Objective games can always be won without K/D being good and therefore is irrelevant to those game times(hence why global K/D does not matter. One should always reference the TDM K/D as their global. Possibly FFA.)

Here are a few facts that EVERYONE needs to remember, and there was a large thread a week ago with these facts addressed.

1. The universal average K/D will ALWAYS be less than 1.00. The reason for this is suicide.

2. There are always TOP TIER players that skew K/D. Much like the top wealth earners in life skew the mean income above the median and mode incomes, the best players will do the same. This is because they will kill lots of players for no deaths. Thus the deaths get weighted to the average player.

3. Players tend to learn overtime. To put it simply, compare the weekly averages to overall global averages. You will notice barring the bottom 2-3 players, most tend to be consistent or have grown (whether slightly or greatly), since they started playing. As a result, the K/D you see in global leaderboards is usually less than their capabilities.

4. Sometimes players screw around. Example would be using assault shield classes. They just want to have fun killing people. The problem is...these fun trolling classes usually result in lower K/D. As a result, any good player who never screws around will always have a K/D advantage over any player (good, average or bad) who screws around from time to time.

5. Matchmaking abusers. This is an extension to #1 on the list, but taken to an extreme. Some players just want to play noobs. As a result they will give themselves 5,000 or 10,000 suicide deaths just to lower their k/d to 0.5 or less.

6. Account busting. Sometimes friends or enemies(or hackers) break into an account and pull a #5 against someone. Thus, exacerbating suicide deathrate and overall lowered k/d.

7. Company punishment. For cheating/hacking/exploiting, sometimes companies screw up player stats and account options, rather than banning. Thus, these players are given 1,000+ deaths(up to 100,000 in some games) to their accounts for their abusive efforts.


In short, the overall Mean K/D will always be less than 1.0...and the overall median K/D will likely be even lower.

I would be interested to see if they had a global check for universal mean and median K/D in their databases at treyarch...and given what I know from companies that do, they sometimes release that information in a response.

In most games(ones where such info was released) Mean usually is somewhere between 0.9 to 0.99 and the median tends to be somewhere in 0.8 to 0.95. The Mode(singular K/D value that shows up most of all singular k/d values) tends to actually be the lowest of all, somewhere near the median oftentimes, around 0.7 to 0.9. (some companies give values...others give the overall mean and simply state that the average player tends to have an even lower k/d than the one released)

Now that is all speculation. It is possible to have a median higher than the mean, and a mode higher than both(or any deviation involving the 3 words generally used to describe averages and deviations)...however, I have never heard of a game whereby that has ever been the case. The reason is usually because there are almost always more bad players than there are good players. This tends to almost always result in a game K/D whereby the Mean is highest, median middle and mode lowest.

In short. If we want to be truly honest...my guess is players could be seperated by TDM K/D(remember Objective K/D does not matter. A player with 0.4 could be one of the best objective players in the world) as such:

0.0 to 0.5 - Terrible players, Punished players, Suicidal players

0.5 to 0.8 - Standard Noob, Players who screw around to have fun

0.8 to 1.0 - Average Player. Slightly above average players who screw around a little bit

1.0 to 1.25 - Above Average Player. Good players who screw around some. Noobs who do nothing but camp obscure corners resulting in low kill / low death games. Organized Teams of Average/Noob mix who use teamcamp and spawnkill tactics.

1.25 to 1.5 - Good Player. Great players who screw around some. Noobs who do nothing but camp obscure corners resulting in low-medium kill / low death games. Organized Teams of Average/Above Average mix who use teamcamp and spawnkill tactics.

1.5 + - Hard to determine exactly how tiers seperate from this point onward, but its basically the same as the past two tiers with ever increasing skill variables. So for all intents and purposes this is made up of the same group.

I will skip however to 3.0+ thus keeping 1.5 to 3.0 in obscurity.

3.0+ - consists of these people:

- Organized Teams who do nothing but abuse a purity of teamcamping/spawnkilling. They never play a normal game and they always wait for you. They will never come to you under any circumstance whatsoever, unless all 6 slowly more toward your spawn to spawntrap and kill you. (IE, any time you are shot, you will always be shot by 2-3 of them simultaneously at all times.) These players always use the most abusive perks. (ghost, flak jacket, scavenge with 2x nades or c4) and weapons (rockets, DSR or FMJ SVU snipers with overkill remington, grenade launcher, Target Finder SMR or FAL semi auto.) When any of them gets host, expect what seems like a throttled host game, whereby they seem to see you half a second to full second before you see them.

- Players who camp the most obscure corners in the entire game and have memorized all 4-5 of them in every map, specifically to keep their deathrate at 5 or less every game. They tend to get 10-15 kills at most. Never higher. Rarely do they get good Killstreaks. Their SPM is around 220 or less. (examples of this would be the two beginning spawn points of Standoff. They will lay down at the corners near brush and use a sniper or targetfinder SMR the whole game).

- Players who Boost

- Players who dashboard every game that is not a 2.5 or higher, resulting in the 3.0+ when the higher than 3.5 games and many around 3.0 games average out.

- Players who made a second account after playing 20,000 kills worth beforehand. Thus, they are merely destroying their past history.

- The ultra-super-dooper-rare actual amazing player who even with past lower K/D detractions has actually managed to pull the ever so rare 3.0 even including past bad games, which probably consists of 0.1% of every 3.0+ I have ever actually met. This player will almost always go 20+ kills per game they play. They tend to be good at every weapon. They can Lone wolf it and actually kill your ass dead consistently. In TDM, they probably have a legitimate 325+ SPM to go along with it. If they play with someone, usually its only 1-2 others (completely unlike the 5-6 person abusecampers described at the top). They almost always are rank 50,000 or less on the TDM leaderboards. They usually have prestige 6 to prestige master. (note, I have probably played less than 10 players who actually fit this description. My guess is 4-5).

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I think you pretty much nailed.

i have a 3.27 kd and 100% of the time i lone wolf'in it in ctf, and I know how difficult it is to maintain a 3.0 kd when you work with randoms for the objective

but i do see the parties of 6 with a 5.0 kd 4.0 w/l and I have been in game or spectated and see they spam orbital vsats and run around on the enemy spawn and wait till they see an enemy arrow and 2 or 3 of them will run over and shoot them dead.. you are right about that

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My kd is 1.61! Your kd is very good! I think average is from 1.00 till 1.3! There is a LOT OF players who have a kd that is negative!

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