What is a good or average K/D?

Black Ops II Xbox 360


So my K/D is at 1.22 in black ops 2 and i do many objective games and such. What do you guys believe a Average to Good K/d should be at?

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1.22 is not bad.  I see tons of guys going bad negative.

It also depends on your gametype.  If you play domination 1.22 is decent.  If you play TDM, 1.22 is more average.  If you play a lot of gametypes, then 1.22 is probably slightly above average.

Mine is 1.8, but I mostly play HC kill confirmed so not a great deal of diving on B flag and stuff.  I'm not sure if I am good or not.  One match might be 45-10 and the next may be 25-23, it mostly just depends on if the gods of netcode let me rock or not.

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Yeah i play all diffrent types Mostly i started to play SnD,Hardpoint and CTF cause of L.P and trying to find a team for GB but cant find anybody...o well i will keep it up.

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my k/d is hovering around 1.89 and I play all gamemodes core or HC. mostly core tho... K/D doesnt really mean all that much when you try to compare it to others. it is no representation of skill. having the numer means nothing. How you got that number is everything. if you got a 6.0 k/d but you never touch the objective and play with specific friends who know how to spawn trap, I would consider you a bad kid. If you maintain a 2.0 running around the entire game caping objective and what not I would say you are a great player.

as for average I would say anywhere from1.20-1.40 is average

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I like running around in MW3 but in BO2 it seems much harder.  I had a 2.5 K/D in MW3, and a 2.3 K/D in BO2.

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in BO 1 i had like a 2.35 ish before i started trying to crawl the flag across the map... i was bored... (its fun to do and difficult. I have some 15ish videos of us doing so in pubs on me channel XD)  in MW3 i hovered around a 2.0 and this time its a 1.89. im not getting worse. the opposite infact. Never before have I been as confident in my skills as I am now. In most situations in the past I would acknowledge something in my mind such as "hes behind me". but I wouldnt act on it, not because I couldnt, but because I thought it would be of no use. Now I say screw it... I have come to realise that those moments are usually the defining moment in a gun fight.

in BO 2 I am agressive as hell. I will bum rush your location. but i wont do it strait up, Ill fire some shots, make you fire yours, take a hit or so, pop around the corner to hide for less then a second, just enough for you to think you scared me off and start reloading. and them im right next to ya

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Hard to say, not really relevant in most games most as they're objective, only 2 game modes I take notice in are KC and TDM.

I personally don't worry about an enemy player if they're under 1.50. Anything above is a welcome challange.

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In my eyes an average k/d is 1. Everytime you spawn, you take at least one enemy with you.

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My K/D is 1.57. It used to be 1.68 but it kept falling since i have been trying to get the camo unlocks for the chicom. I say anything above a 1.00 is a average K/D. I have seen some people with an negative K/D

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some people, there a TON with negative k/d

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